CEO of MVL, Kay Woo Participates in Smart Mobility Talk Concert

CEO Kay Woo participates in Smart Mobility Talk Concert hosted by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Last Friday, CEO of easi6 and  MVL, Kay Woo presented at the [Talk Concert: Mobility, Designing a Future Vision for Young people] which was hosted by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport from 2 to 5 p.m. Companies such as Hyundai Motor, Kakao Mobility and Whiz Dome also participated in this Talk Concert. Therefore, MVL was able to share our thoughts on the future of the mobility ecosystem alongside these reputable companies.

CEO Kay Woo introduced MVL and TADA, our Zero Commission Ride-Hailing Service in Singapore to the audience.

“We were able to achieve amazing results of getting over 13,000 drivers and 60,000 riders on board our TADA service. We have been operating the TADA service in Singapore for about a month now, and the number of riders and drivers have shown a steady increase. We were amazed how we were able to achieve these numbers when only about 5 million won were used in promoting the service.
This shows that the message about the zero commission service we are focusing on has been well delivered to our drivers and riders. It is also incredible how our drivers are helping us promote our TADA service to other drivers and riders. MVL is planning to launch the TADA service in Vietnam in the future, and many people are already showing their interest.”

After the presentation, a Q&A discussion was also held. Through this talk concert, we were able to inform government agencies and companies involved in various mobility industries about our MVL project.

Ride the New Wave, TADA
Trust-Driven MVL

MVL 월간 리포트 (8월)

안녕하세요 MVL 팀입니다.


9월이 시작되었습니다.

가마솥 더위가 기승을 부렸던 8월에 MVL 팀은 끊임없이 다양한 일을 추진했습니다.

8월 한 달 동안, 어떤 일이 있었는지 정리해보았습니다.


– 베트남 보험사 PTI와 MOU

– 라이드 헤일링 서비스 TADA 근황

– 코인베네 상장

– 7 MVL BALL 이벤트 시작

– MVL 팀, 한국교통연구원 방문

– Kay, 중국 블록체인 미디어와의 인터뷰


자세한 내용은 8월 월간 리포트를 참고해주세요.

8월 MVL 월간 리포트 : MVL Monthly Report_08(Ko)


MVL Monthly Report (August)

Hi, This is MVl team.

It’s September.

Last month, the MVL team had a lot of fruits as a result of hard work and lots of work.

– MOU with Vietnamese Insurance Company

– Recent Issue about Ride Hailing Service TADA

– Listing on the Coinbene

– MVL, Visit Korea Transport Institute

– Kay, Interview with Chinese Media


For more informaton, Please check August MVL Monthly Report


MVL Monthly Report (August) : MVL Monthly Report_08(En)


[August 29 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to August 24

Hello, this is MVL.

Read about our various updates for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for the news to come in the following weeks!
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MVL Team
[8/27 Weekly News] Our updates until August 24. Check out what we have been up to.





<MVL, Visit Korea Transport Institute>
August 22th, Jaehwa Han, CTO, who is core member of MVL, attended the seminar which is held by The Korea Transport Institute and shared the case of MVL and had an opportunity to inform about MVL. The speech here is one of the biggest themes of the seminar, which means that Van-Sharing service with KORAIL(Korea Railroad Corporation) and TADA service in Singapore have been well accepted by Korean government.

For more datails, please check our official MVL blog.

<Speak at OSIC 2018>
CEO, Kay Woo was invited as a speaker for the launch of the The OneService Innovation Challenge (OSIC) 2018 in Singapore. The OSIC is an initiative by the Municipal Services Office (MSO, Singapore Government) in collaboration with public agencies in Singapore as well as leading technology companies. MVL is proud to be part of the OSCIP 2018 and we hope to inspire the next generation of innovators that can help promote neighbourliness and enhance living environments through new digital services.

<Seoul Mobility Summit by MVL>
MVL team is about to launch Seoul Mobility Summit around October. This is not a mere meet-up, but it is a mobility event with industry players and partners. It is going to be a samll scale conference rather than a simple one.




We now have up to 13,000 drivers, and 57,000 riders who have joined TADA in Singapore. The number of orders has also increased to over 75,000. We would like to kindly recommend that all our MVLers join our official Telegram group to voice out their opinions on how to better our service.
▶️ Telegram link:

<TADA Special Event>
Last weekend, the TADA team carried out a special event for our riders. We gave out free scoops of ice cream to those who downloaded the TADA app and we were touched by how many supporters showed up. We hope to carry out more events and will be notifying everyone of these events through our various communication channels.

<Team Members after launching TADA in Singapore>
Have you ever wondered about the Singapore team since the launch of TADA in Singapore on July 26? You can watch this on MVL Official YouTube channel. Many subscriptions and watches are appreciated.





<Meeting with OmiseGO>
MVL team had a meeting with Hitoshi Kakizawa in charge of business development at OmiseGo and discussed that we may be able to use the technologies that OmiseGo has developed to further develop MVL app.

Four new team members were joined to MVL in Vietnam. They will be very helpful when TADA services will be launched in Vietnam later. In addition, a new Vietnamese office will be opened in September. MVL team is working hard to grow globally.

[8/29 위클리 뉴스] 엠블 팀의 현재까지(8/24)의 주요 대외활동을 정리드립니다!


안녕하세요. MVL(엠블)팀입니다.

지난 몇 주간 있었던 다양한 국내외 활동 관련 내용으로 다시 찾아뵙습니다. 더 자세한 사항은 하기 내용 확인 부탁드립니다.
엠블의 새로운 인스타그램 채널에서도 엠블의 뉴스를 확인해보세요!

텔레그램 뉴스:
엠블 인스타그램:
엠블 트위터:
우경식 CEO 트위터:
엠블 블로그:

엠블 팀 드림

[8/27 위클리 뉴스]
엠블 팀의 현재까지(8/24)의 주요 대외활동을 정리드립니다!

7월 한달 간 엠블의 행보가 궁금하다면


  • 엠블

<7개의 MVL BALL을 찾자 – 이벤트>
MVL팀이 7개 MVL BALL 이벤트를 준비했습니다.
MVL팀은 11월 말까지 7개 이상의 호재를 발표한다고 했습니다. 7개의 호재에 맞춰 7번의 릴레이 이벤트를 진행합니다. 7개의 호재 MVL BALL을 찾는 분들을 위해 엠블이 준비한 선물을 드립니다.

!! 첫 번째 MVL BALL 퀴즈 이벤트 (엠블볼 1호) !!

Q: 7개의 호재 중 첫 번째 내용은 무엇일까요?

▼아래 링크를 통해 자세한 내용과 함께 퀴즈 이벤트에 참여하세요!

<MVL팀, 한국교통연구원을 방문하다>
8월22일 엠블의 핵심맴버인 한재화 CTO가 한국교통연구원에 방문해  ‘블록체인의 개념과 모빌리티 생태계로의 접목 – MVL의 사례를 중심으로’ 라는 주제로 세미나를 진행했습니다.이 자리에서 엠블이 하나의 큰 주제로 강연을 한다는 것은 싱가포르 TADA 서비스 및 코레일과 함께 진행하는 승합차 공유서비스가 한국 정부에서도 긍정적인 평가를 받고 있다는 것을 의미합니다.

자세한 내용은 엠블 공식블로그를 통해 확인해주세요

<OSIC 2018 에서의 발표>
CEO, Kay Woo가 싱가포르에서 OneService Innovation Challenge(OSIC) 2018의 서막을 알리는 행사에 초대되어 엠블에 대해 발표했습니다. OSIC은 Municipal Services Office(MSO, 정부기관)가 주최한 행사로 싱가포르 테크놀로지 기업뿐 아니라 공공 에이전시들도 공동으로 참여하는 행사입니다. 엠블팀은 OCIS 2018의 일원이 되어, 엠블과 함께 일할 수 있는 기업 및 공공 에이전시들을 확대할 수 있게 되었습니다. 이를 통해 차세대 디지털 서비스 제공하고 차세대 혁신가로서 사람들의 생활 환경을 향상시키는 데 도움이 될 것입니다.

<Seoul Mobility Summit by MVL>
엠블팀을 10월 경 밋업을 진행할 예정입니다. 이번 밋업은 단순한 밋업보다는 모빌리티 관련 업계분들과 파트너분들을 모시고 진행하려고 합니다. 작은 규모의 컨퍼런스 형식으로 진행할 예정입니다.


  • 서비스

현재 TADA 앱에 등록한 드라이버 숫자가 13,000명, 라이더는 57,000명에 달했습니다. 오더 수도 점차 증가해 75,000건을 훌쩍 뛰어넘었습니다. 엠블 팀이 TADA앱을 어떻게 운영하고 있는지, 또 어떤 식으로 드라이버들이 좋은 의견을 내고 있는지 자세히 알고 싶은 엠블러분들은 TADA 공식 텔레그램을 통해 확인해주세요.
▶️ 텔레그램:

<TADA 스페셜 이벤트>
지난 주말, TADA팀은 라이더들을 위한 스페셜 이벤트를 진행했습니다. TADA앱을 다운로드하면 아이스크림을 무료로 나눠주는 이벤트로 많은 라이더들이 앱을 다운로드했습니다. 엠블팀은 다양한 커뮤니케이션 채널들을 통해 모두에게 TADA 서비스를 알리고 더 많은 이벤트를 진행할 예정입니다.

<싱가포르 TADA 런칭 후 팀원들>
“지난 7월 26일 싱가포르에서 진행했던 TADA 런칭 이후 싱가포르 팀원들 모습이 궁금하셨죠? 엠블 유튜브 채널에서 이 모습을 보실 수 있습니다. 많은 구독과 시청 부탁드립니다.


  • 운영

<OmiseGO 팀과의 미팅>
엠블팀은 OmiseGO(오미세고) 팀에서 비즈니스 전략을 담당하는 Hitoshi Kakizawa를 만나 향후 발전사항에 대해 논의했습니다. 특히 이번 미팅에서는 MVL 앱 개발 관련 OmiseGO의 기술 활용에 대해 논의했습니다.

엠블의 베트남팀은 새로운 팀원 4명을 충원했습니다. 이들은 향후 TADA 서비스의 베트남 서비스를 담당하게 됩니다. 또한 오는 9월에 베트남 사무실이 새로 오픈될 예정입니다. 엠블팀은 글로벌적으로 성장하기 위해 많은 노력을 기울이고 있습니다.