MVL’s project was mentioned at TechCrunch

MVL’s project was mentioned at the American media TechCrunch, which covers start-ups and IT news.

The article states that Singapore is the sandbox of the cryptocurrency market that Asia needs, and it is the first step for foreign cryptocurrency companies.

MVL was mentioned as one of the representative companies. TADA, launched in Singapore, is based on MVL’s blockchain ecosystem, and the MVL ecosystem is designed to serve the service industry and customers close to the automotive industries.

Also, VVgo, which is a blockchain-based China’s Ride-Hailing program, is preparing to launch their service in Singapore and other places.

Applying blockchain to mobility services is a global trend, and MVL is leading the trend.

The article also states that exchanges such as Binance and Upbit are preparing to enter the Singapore market.

You can see the original article via the link below.

CEO of MVL, Kay Woo Participates in Smart Mobility Talk Concert

CEO Kay Woo participates in Smart Mobility Talk Concert hosted by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Last Friday, CEO of easi6 and  MVL, Kay Woo presented at the [Talk Concert: Mobility, Designing a Future Vision for Young people] which was hosted by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport from 2 to 5 p.m. Companies such as Hyundai Motor, Kakao Mobility and Whiz Dome also participated in this Talk Concert. Therefore, MVL was able to share our thoughts on the future of the mobility ecosystem alongside these reputable companies.

CEO Kay Woo introduced MVL and TADA, our Zero Commission Ride-Hailing Service in Singapore to the audience.

“We were able to achieve amazing results of getting over 13,000 drivers and 60,000 riders on board our TADA service. We have been operating the TADA service in Singapore for about a month now, and the number of riders and drivers have shown a steady increase. We were amazed how we were able to achieve these numbers when only about 5 million won were used in promoting the service.
This shows that the message about the zero commission service we are focusing on has been well delivered to our drivers and riders. It is also incredible how our drivers are helping us promote our TADA service to other drivers and riders. MVL is planning to launch the TADA service in Vietnam in the future, and many people are already showing their interest.”

After the presentation, a Q&A discussion was also held. Through this talk concert, we were able to inform government agencies and companies involved in various mobility industries about our MVL project.

Ride the New Wave, TADA
Trust-Driven MVL

MVL Monthly Report (August)

Hi, This is MVl team.

It’s September.

Last month, the MVL team had a lot of fruits as a result of hard work and lots of work.

– MOU with Vietnamese Insurance Company

– Recent Issue about Ride Hailing Service TADA

– Listing on the Coinbene

– MVL, Visit Korea Transport Institute

– Kay, Interview with Chinese Media


For more informaton, Please check August MVL Monthly Report


MVL Monthly Report (August) : MVL Monthly Report_08(En)


[August 29 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to August 24

Hello, this is MVL.

Read about our various updates for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for the news to come in the following weeks!
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[8/27 Weekly News] Our updates until August 24. Check out what we have been up to.





<MVL, Visit Korea Transport Institute>
August 22th, Jaehwa Han, CTO, who is core member of MVL, attended the seminar which is held by The Korea Transport Institute and shared the case of MVL and had an opportunity to inform about MVL. The speech here is one of the biggest themes of the seminar, which means that Van-Sharing service with KORAIL(Korea Railroad Corporation) and TADA service in Singapore have been well accepted by Korean government.

For more datails, please check our official MVL blog.

<Speak at OSIC 2018>
CEO, Kay Woo was invited as a speaker for the launch of the The OneService Innovation Challenge (OSIC) 2018 in Singapore. The OSIC is an initiative by the Municipal Services Office (MSO, Singapore Government) in collaboration with public agencies in Singapore as well as leading technology companies. MVL is proud to be part of the OSCIP 2018 and we hope to inspire the next generation of innovators that can help promote neighbourliness and enhance living environments through new digital services.

<Seoul Mobility Summit by MVL>
MVL team is about to launch Seoul Mobility Summit around October. This is not a mere meet-up, but it is a mobility event with industry players and partners. It is going to be a samll scale conference rather than a simple one.




We now have up to 13,000 drivers, and 57,000 riders who have joined TADA in Singapore. The number of orders has also increased to over 75,000. We would like to kindly recommend that all our MVLers join our official Telegram group to voice out their opinions on how to better our service.
▶️ Telegram link:

<TADA Special Event>
Last weekend, the TADA team carried out a special event for our riders. We gave out free scoops of ice cream to those who downloaded the TADA app and we were touched by how many supporters showed up. We hope to carry out more events and will be notifying everyone of these events through our various communication channels.

<Team Members after launching TADA in Singapore>
Have you ever wondered about the Singapore team since the launch of TADA in Singapore on July 26? You can watch this on MVL Official YouTube channel. Many subscriptions and watches are appreciated.





<Meeting with OmiseGO>
MVL team had a meeting with Hitoshi Kakizawa in charge of business development at OmiseGo and discussed that we may be able to use the technologies that OmiseGo has developed to further develop MVL app.

Four new team members were joined to MVL in Vietnam. They will be very helpful when TADA services will be launched in Vietnam later. In addition, a new Vietnamese office will be opened in September. MVL team is working hard to grow globally.