MVL, Broadcasted on CNBC

MVL, Broadcasted on CNBC

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MVL has launched the ride-hailing service, TADA, in Singapore.
TADA has grown dramatically in Singapore.

MVL’s CEO Kay was interviewed by CNBC News in Singapore. CNBC is an economic and financial Media.

During an interview with CNBC, Kay introduced the MVL and MVL’s zero commission(free fee) Ride Hailing Service ‘TADA’ in Singapore.

“Lower the commission is not the way to solve the problem. So we wanted to implement the blockchain protocol on TADA that can help us realize the revolutionization of the business models by providing zero commission to the drivers.

Our matching ratio was 10% at the beginning, but right now it is more than 50 percent. Drivers enjoy providing services to riders. Drivers are very happy because they can take all the income through our application. Riders are also happy because happy drivers offer good services.

TADA is built on top of the token economy. Whenever you use the service and participate in the services, you will receive point incentives. The Incentives can be exchanged to the tokens that can be used for the services or rides.”

MVL’s exclusive interview with a major Singaporean broadcaster means that TADA service is growing and maintaining No.2 position in the industry in Singapore.

Ride the New Wave, TADA

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CEO of MVL, Kay Woo Participates in Smart Mobility Talk Concert

CEO Kay Woo participates in Smart Mobility Talk Concert hosted by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Last Friday, CEO of easi6 and  MVL, Kay Woo presented at the [Talk Concert: Mobility, Designing a Future Vision for Young people] which was hosted by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport from 2 to 5 p.m. Companies such as Hyundai Motor, Kakao Mobility and Whiz Dome also participated in this Talk Concert. Therefore, MVL was able to share our thoughts on the future of the mobility ecosystem alongside these reputable companies.

CEO Kay Woo introduced MVL and TADA, our Zero Commission Ride-Hailing Service in Singapore to the audience.

“We were able to achieve amazing results of getting over 13,000 drivers and 60,000 riders on board our TADA service. We have been operating the TADA service in Singapore for about a month now, and the number of riders and drivers have shown a steady increase. We were amazed how we were able to achieve these numbers when only about 5 million won were used in promoting the service.
This shows that the message about the zero commission service we are focusing on has been well delivered to our drivers and riders. It is also incredible how our drivers are helping us promote our TADA service to other drivers and riders. MVL is planning to launch the TADA service in Vietnam in the future, and many people are already showing their interest.”

After the presentation, a Q&A discussion was also held. Through this talk concert, we were able to inform government agencies and companies involved in various mobility industries about our MVL project.

Ride the New Wave, TADA
Trust-Driven MVL