MVL’s project was mentioned at TechCrunch

MVL’s project was mentioned at the American media TechCrunch, which covers start-ups and IT news.

The article states that Singapore is the sandbox of the cryptocurrency market that Asia needs, and it is the first step for foreign cryptocurrency companies.

MVL was mentioned as one of the representative companies. TADA, launched in Singapore, is based on MVL’s blockchain ecosystem, and the MVL ecosystem is designed to serve the service industry and customers close to the automotive industries.

Also, VVgo, which is a blockchain-based China’s Ride-Hailing program, is preparing to launch their service in Singapore and other places.

Applying blockchain to mobility services is a global trend, and MVL is leading the trend.

The article also states that exchanges such as Binance and Upbit are preparing to enter the Singapore market.

You can see the original article via the link below.