[What’s Kay up to] In Japan Part 1


The founder of MVL, Kay Woo, has been traveling all over Asia. He is meeting people from all over the world to make our MVL family bigger and bigger.

But, we want to share this news with you as you are also part of the MVL family. Today, we will share who he has been meeting in Japan!

Meet Yokiko NISHIMURA!

A Truly amazing and powerful woman in the Japan crypto community. She is part of Money Partners and the coin exchange associations. At this meeting, she has provided with great advice and guidance.


Hiro is the Co-founder & CEO of Hotaru Inc! Hotaru Inc. discovers talent with great ideas, nurtures their ideas, and connects them with those who want to support innovation and social impact. He shared his visions with us to inspire us of building a connected world.

Next time, we will share more stories about some of the other people Kay met!

Talk soon.


About MVL

MVL, pronounced as “em buh l,” stands for Mass Vehicle Ledger. It is an ecosystem that connects all services, like the car dealer shops, mechanic shops, car rental companies and more, that touch your car to collect its lifetime data.

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Blockchain-based Mobility Ecosystem MVL Starts Pre-ICO

The mobility blockchain ecosystem MVL (pronounced “em-buh l”, Mass Vehicle Ledger) announced on Friday that the MVL Coin’s Pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will start in May with the release of the blockchain MVL Ecosystem. The MVL coin is the cryptocurrency used in the MVL Ecosystem.

< ICO Information >

  • Pre-ICO : April 26
  • Main-ICO : May
  • Pre-ICO Bonus Token : Amount invested +25% (Locked)
  • Soft Cap/Hard Cap : 1.5Bn MVL/ 8.7Bn MVL
  • Total Amount of Tokens Issued : 30 billion MVL
  • Exchangeable Currency : ETH
  • Exchange Rate : 1 ETH = 240,000 MVL
  • Minimum / Maximum Amount : 0.1 ETH / 100 ETH

MVL is a new blockchain-based mobility ecosystem that aims to solve the problems faced in the existing regulation-based mobility ecosystem. The MVL Ecosystem records core data related to driving, accidents, repairs and other car-related transactions on a blockchain, connecting many businesses, services, and people in the vehicle-related industries.

Participants who provide data related to automobile will receive MVL Point (MVP), a reward system used to encourage contribution to the ecosystem. For example, mechanic shops and individual mechanics who provide good service and record repair data accurately will each receive incentives. Moreover, professional or regular drivers will be fairly rewarded for driving safely and recording driving data.

In the ecosystem, transparent data is the foundation. So, we expect to have a high level of trust. In particular, since customers who want to buy used cars can see its maintenance, repair, and driving data, they will be less concerned and not be overcharged.

The MVL Points collected by these participants can be converted into MVL Coins. These points are an indicator of how well a business is doing and the MVL coins can be used to trade in ecosystems. Participants can actively trade in this trust-based ecosystem to allow the value of MVL coins to increase accordingly.

Kay Woo, CEO of MVL/Easi6, said, “MVL will collect data on all aspects of mobility services, such as providing reviews and driving, as well as vehicle data collection. In the future, MVL plans to broaden its horizons to connect services such as bike or motorcycle sharing services and collect different type of data.”

MVL is a Singapore private limited mobility platform company, that is under the full ownership of easi6. Over the past five years, easi6 has been providing online & offline connection (O2O) services to travel agencies, car rental companies and taxis in 10 major Asian countries including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam.

Easi6 participated as an O2O traffic service provider in the ‘Go PyeongChang’ app, a traffic information app for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, providing convenient access to the visitors and staff. Also, Kay Woo, CEO of MVL/Easi6 was awarded by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for his contribution to the development of land transportation last December.


About MVL

MVL (MVL Foundation Pte. Ltd) is a new vehicle blockchain-based mobility ecosystem. It records key data such as transactions, movements, accidents, and maintenance of people and vehicles in many fields, connecting them together in a single ecosystem. MVL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of easi6 and is a Singapore private limited company. Over the past five years, MVL has acquired the know-how to provide mobility O2O services to travel agencies, car rental companies, taxis in major Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Vietnam.

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