Earn More with SMART CALL Feature!

From 20 May 2019 onwards, all Premier taxi drivers would be eligible to receive ‘Smart Call’ bookings and this feature will allow you to earn an additional S$3 for every ‘Smart Call’ trip you complete!
从 5 月 20 日 2019 年开始,所有Premier德士司机并可以开始接受 ‘Smart Call’ 电召。接受‘Smart Call’ 电召能让您在每趟车程赚取额外S$3

Here’s how to differentiate a normal call from a ‘Smart Call’:
您能轻易分辨普通电召和‘Smart Call’:

How Does ‘Smart Call’ Work?
如何操作‘Smart Call’?

Riders using debit / credit card and the OCBC Pay Anyone app have the option of prioritising their booking by paying an additional flat fee of S$6.

Out of the S$6 smart call fee, S$3 will go into servicing our platform as well as upcoming promotions for our drivers and riders.
从这 S$6 中,S$3 将用于TADA的运营成本以及举办营销活动。

The amount reflected on the job order represents the full fare that you will be earning. The original trip fare is still zero-commission!
手机中反映的‘Smart Call’ 车资同样全属于您。TADA仍然不收佣金!

‘Smart Call’ feature is exclusive for Premier drivers only. We hope that this would help you to maximise more earnings with us. Please support your riders by accepting these orders so that riders will be enticed to make more Smart Call bookings!
‘Smart Call电召仅适用于Premier德士司机。我们希望这会帮助提高您的收入。请多多支持‘Smart Call,以便吸引乘客使用这项服务!

The TADA Team
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