MVL Participates in the Smart City Blockchain Conference as a Mobility Representative

Kay, CEO of MVL attended the “Smart City-Blockchain Global Conference” in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea on November 2.

Why did MVL participate in the conference?

It means MVL has become a major project for smart mobility.

At the conference, participants discussed about how to move toward a Smart City, including residential space, payments, and mobility. MVL was the only one in the mobility-related blockchain project.

To further explain about the event, it was hosted by Seongnam Industrial Promotion Agency and KAIST. Global smart city and blockchain officials gathered the event. Smart City has a very high relationship with the blockchain.

The event was attended by Vietnam’s Adviser of Prime Minister, Construction Vice-Minister and Deputy Director of the Urban Development Bureau. As you know, MVL plans to launch a ride-hailing service ‘TADA’ in Vietnam.

It was a good opportunity for MVL to introduce TADA to Vietnamese government officials and to share with them about what would be better if they apply the blockchain.

From Ukraine, the mayor of Livivi, the president of Kiev Institute of Technology, and the chairman of the National Assembly Information Communication gathered the event. And government officials from Sydney Australia, London English, Oslo Norway, and France, who are interested in Smart City also participated.

There were also government officials from Malaysia, Taiwan, and Indonesia where MVL has targeted. Cryptocurrency or Blockchain companies such as TodaQ, XnTree and ICON and global investors such as Nomura Bank, Intel, and V-Startup attended and shared about information about Smart City-blockchain.

At the conference, Kay gave the speech about MVL and TADA from 4:10 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and participated in panel discussions. He shared about how MVL could be applied to real-world mobility services and how blockchain enables Smart City implementation.

It was a good opportunity for MVL to promote to various countries the blockchain-based mobility ecosystem MVL and TADA and the Smart City implementation cases.

Please look forward how MVL plays an important role in the Smart City beyond the blockchain of Smart Mobility.


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