[MVL Token Economy] MVL Token Economy Differentiation Strategy

  • MVL ‘Token Economy’ differentiation strategy.
    – How MVL manages points and coins.
  • You get MVL points from safe driving, providing, travelling data, or leaving reviews about services. MVL points can be exchanged to MVL coins.
  • If MVL points are exchangeable to MVL coins, wouldn’t everyone exchange their points to coins?
    How would you be able to maintain MVL coin price?
  • You may ask,
    “Will MVL become a long-term trusted store of value?
    Is it safe to invest in MVL coin?”
  • Here are Solutions we came up with.
  • MVL mobility ecosystem, and MVL token economy.
  • Ways to maintain the value of MVL ecosystem.
    1. Maintain the value of MVL points.
    2. Maintain the value of MVL coins.


  • How to Maintain the value of MVL points.
  • The more points you have, the higher the level.
    Differentiated benefits are provided according to the level.
  • Points will be deducted according to the point validity period.
  • How to maintain the value of MVL coins.
  • Based on coins the companies have, they can put up an ad on the top of the page.
  • Companies should have a certain amount of MVL coin to implement the MVL protocol.
    (MVL team will be able to purchase on behalf of the companies.)
  • Part of coins from mining and the revenue will be locked up.
  • We will have a seperate market for users to directly exchange MVL coin.
  • As more places to use MVL coins are established and more benefits we offer, the value of MVL ecosystem and MVL coin will be increased and token economy will be stabilized.
  • MVL will prevent the problems faced by other existing ecosystem from occurring.
  • MVL will keep evaluating the ways to maintain the value of MVL point and MVL coin.
  • Trust-Driven MVL.