Kay, CEO of MVL, is giving a presentation at an International Event in Taiwan


Hello, this is MVL team.


We’d like to share the news that Kay, CEO of MVL, will participate as a speaker at an international event for startup companies in Taiwan.

CEO Kay will present the MVL`s technology and potential in Taiwan.

CEO Kay will attend GEC+ Taipei from 26th to 29th of September. The Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) is an international event for startups with participants from over 170 countries around the world. The event is for entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, experts, opinion leaders, and policy-makers to get help to launch or expand their businesses. GEC+ is more focused on discussion and cooperation of entrepreneurship.

The theme of this event is ‘Enabling Social Impact with AI+IoT’. CEO Kay will attend the event as a CEO of a major blockchain startup and he will introduce the blockchain applications.

He will present the MVL incentive-based blockchain mobility ecosystem and the ride-hailing service `TADA` at the session called `Blockchain Application Showcase` of `Track #8: Blockchain Innovation for the Future World`.


The summary of Kay’s presentation is as follows.

“MVL team aims to build a blockchain-based public mobility protocol, which is a decentralized and distributed economy. MVL team has found that the limitations of centralized protocols occur by monopoly of revenue, data, and business. Monopoly can be solved by blockchain technology and token economy. TADA is also a part of the mobility ecosystem, MVL. MVL team has launched it to demonstrate the incentive-based mobility ecosystem as an example.”


CEO Kay will also participate in a discussion called ‘What Kinds of Changes and Opportunities will Blockchain Bring to Global Market’ which will be held right after the speech. The discussion is hosted by Yani Lee, a co-founder of Asia Bit in Taiwan. Gary Ma, a CEO of EPIK Token, and George Zhou from Singapore Blockchain Foundation will also participate in a discussion. They will talk about blockchain technology and the markets.


CEO Kay will also participate in the G Camp, a camp for startups, and give a keynote speech about ‘How Makes Transport by Blockchain?’


MVL team is working its best to make MVL expand to Asia and to the world eventually. MVL team will participate anywhere if there is an opportunity to promote MVL in various countries including Singapore and Vietnam where our businesses are in progress.

As MVL becomes more popular, more companies from many different countries will be interested in the MVL team. MVL team plans to attend ‘Future Car with BlockChain Technology’ event in Tokyo on October 12th. By participating in various international events, MVL team will have more business opportunities and increase the value of the ecosystem. Please stay with MVL.

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