MVL, Listing on IDCM


Hi, this is MVL team.

MVL is listed on several exchanges in relay. Where is next exchange?
It is IDCM( ).

MVL will be listed on IDCM/BTC market on 16:00(GMT+9), September 20. Deposit is able after 16:00(GMT+9), September 19 and trading can be after 16:00(GMT+9), September 20.

Listing on IDCM, which means launching in Vietnam market.
IDCM is in Rank 19 exchange in Coinmarketcap, and many Vietnam people use this exchange.

TADA, which is operated by MVL, is working well in Singapore and MVL aims to expand TADA service to Vietnam in this year. We are expecting that launching TADA in Vietnam and listing on Vietnam exchanges can make good synergy in coin trading.

Event (MVL with IDCM)
There are some events on IDCM (4,000,000MVL)
1. Sign-up Event
2. Deposit Event
3. Top 5 Net Buyer Event
Please check details about 3 events on IDCM website.

MVL, Expanding global MVLER by listing on exchanges in a relay
Listing MVL on the exchange is done strategically for expanding MVL, which makes MVL can grow globally and many global MVLER can participate in our ecosystem.

European, Chinese and Vietnamese MVLERs can easily trade MVL on several exchanges by Cryptology, UEX, and IDCM.

Cryptology( : Europe
UEX( : China
IDCM( : Vietnam

We expect to make a lot of fruits if MVL is known in various countries.

MVL has power in various countries and various culture. Stay tuned. We will give you some good news, soon.


Trust Driven MVL