Listing on UEX

Hi, this is MVL team.


Since the announcement of MVL listing on Exchange in relay, many people have been interested in MVL and wondering which exchange MVL will be listed.


The next exchange has become possible to open, and we announce the exchange to MVLERs.


MVL will be listed on the UEX / BTC Market at 16:00 (GMT + 9) on September 18. Starting deposit is scheduled for 10:30 (GMT + 9) on Tuesday, September 18 and trading is possible after 16:00 (GMT + 9) on September 18.


UEX is currently ranked 28th(as of Sep 17th) by CoinMarketCap trading volume and is the exchange usually used by many Chinese.


UEX is in partnership with FBG Capital, which invests focusing on the blockchain technology. Through this listing, MVL will have the opportunity to further enhance the value of MVL in the blockchain and cryptographic markets.

Currently, MVL is constantly exposed to Chinese media, and Chinese people are very interested in MVL.

>> CEO Kay interviews with Chinese Media :


The UEX Exchange BTC Market has only five coins currently listed, which will create a more focused environment for MVL.


It is not the end here!

I will return to good news soon.