1. MVL
MVL is a blockchain protocol operated within the mobility ecosystem based on incentive method. Within the MVL ecosystem, people generate data and receive incentives by driving or using vehicle-related services. By recording and sharing these data, the entire mobility ecosystem can become a transparent, trustworthy and virtuous cycle structure that develops into a healthy ecosystem.


2. Advantages of MVL
MVL seeks to break the monopolization of revenue and data through blockchain and token economy. TADA and Easi6 are one of the business roadmaps of MVL, and MVL will be more committed to commercialization of MVL in future.

Users of mobility/transportation services receive incentives, leaving usage data and reviews; drivers receive incentives as they leave their driving data and receive good reviews from users; service providers, such as vehicle workshops, insurance companies, and car rental companies can get more incentives for service data and getting good reviews, as well as having a good reputation. All of this eventually leads to the implementation of a healthy mobility ecosystem.


3. Good news of MVL
○ Trading volume of MVL token on July 19th ranked #1 at Cashierest and IDEX after the first listing.

○ On July 26, MVL released its first product, a Ride-Hailing service ‘TADA’ in Singapore.

○ Advisors from Uber joined MVL

○ Collaboration with Public Enterprise KORAIL
Easi6, a parent company of MVL, has begun to collaborate with a public enterprise KORAIL on ride-sharing service. Easi6 has been recognized for five years of mobility expertise and technology.

○ Signed MOU with Vietnam’s top five biggest insurance company, PTI(Subsidiary of Dongbu Insurance). 468 workshops can be connected to MVL through PTI’s Vietnam local network.

○ MVL team, KT, and several companies and institutions have participated in the Korean Government R&D project. This project is related to Smart mobility service.


4. Global Exchange
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>>MVL Team have brought more than seven good news, from Aug 15th to Nov 30th 2018.
-(released)Korean Government R&D project / Listing on several exchanges in relay


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