Listing on Cryptology

Hi, this is MVL team.

You wondered where is the first exchange MVL will be listed in relay?

It’s Cryptology (

MVL will be listed on the Cryptology / BTC Market at 15:00 (GMT + 9) on September 13. Deposit can be done after September 12 at 15:00 (GMT + 9).

Cryptology is an exchange established by the key members of Huobi and Kraken. It is currently focused by Southeast Asian and European markets.

As a matter of fact, the current MVL has been listed only on exchanges based in Korea and Singapore, so it was not easy for European participants to participate in the MVL coin. However, the listing of Cryptology is expected to be a stepping stone to the launch of new MVL in the European market. We can also expect to see partnerships in Europe that will make it possible to enter the European market(Actually now some European suggest partnerships to MVL).

Listing on Cryptology is not just a Cryptology, but it will be a great help in listing various and big exchanges in the near future.

Currently, Cryptology are listing major coins such as BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC and ZEC. Cryptology is conducting a public listing of the coins that can ‘Realize Real Token Economy’ and have ‘High Growth Potential’ in the future.

MVL is also recognized as the possibility of actual token economy implementation and TADA service execution ability. CryptoLogic gave us the proposal, so we accepted listing on Cryptology.

MVL will be launched from the Cryptology to the BTC pair first and then the EURO pair / UDS pair will be launched.
This is the first time launch of BTC, EURO and UDS pairs. It is expected to be more active than before.

Various events are also available to celebrate listing on Cryptology.

Is it the end here? Stay tune! More other exchanges are waiting for you.
Please look forward to:)

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