Smart Mobility – MVL, Participating in the Korea Government R&D Project

Hello, this is MVL team

We are pleased to inform you that MVL team has started its work in the Korea government Smart Mobility Project called MaaS(Mobility as a Service), which will be implemented in Jeju Island.

MaaS aims to provide an integrated payment technology for a seamless travel. MVL team participates in this project to develop a public blockchain module for using and storing transportation and travel data.

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Please find the details below about how MVL team works in the project and what kind of opportunities we gain through this R&D.

□ MVL, Recognized as a leading blockchain enterprise

MaaS is a government project led by Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. It will be implemented in Jeju Island.

MaaS aims to develop integrated payment technology for packaged transportation that can use various types of smart mobility-based transportation services from a single point of departure to a destination.

MaaS is a One-Stop service which shows you the fastest and shortest distance trip from a point of departure to a destination. Since the idea of the service is already implemented in many different countries, Korean Government decided to introduce it in Korea.

MVL team is selected as a blockchain company to develop an integrated payment module for this One Pay All Pass service. When users pay for the service, the data will be stored in the blockchain module. By recording the payment data in the blockchain module, we are able to have accurate and transparent data and able to track information about minimum fare and fare system of each mobility service.

MVL team plans to develop public blockchain for data utilization of integrated payment and settlement platform. We will manage and operate mobility services and collect travel and transportation related data with blockchain technology. This will be a foundation technology for MVL team partner companies to provide services in our MVL application in the future. MVL team will also be able to utilize service integration and management skills.

The participation in the Korean R&D project means that MVL team is recognized as a public leader in enterprise blockchain R&D and innovation. MVL team will grow and gain more knowledge by participating in the government project which will help us successfully launch other mobility services in the future.   

□ MVL team, working in the government project. Expecting to make more opportunities

This R&D will be an opportunity for MVL team to spread MVL to mobility ecosystem and get awareness about our business and reputation.

Developing an integrated payment platform and mobility service management platform will help launch MVL app in the future.

Since big major companies such as KT will work in the government project as well, we will seek for an opportunity to work with the companies and have them in our MVL ecosystem in the future.  

Smart mobility R&D project is not just limited to research and study. MVL team will see this project as an opportunity to learn how to run the service in real life and how to meet customer demand. This will also be an opportunity to let many people know about blockchain technology in real life.  

MVL with Korean Government. Please support us.

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