MVL, Speech at Korean Government Research Institute Seminar

Hi, this is MVL team.

‘When can I hear some good news about MVL?’ MVLERs probably have this kind of thought. We always thank you for your supports. Because of these, in return, MVL team gives you some good news.

This time, MVL team will attend the seminar held by ‘The Korea Transport Institute’ which is a Korean Government-funded research institute on August 22. And we will share the case of MVL and have an opportunity to inform about MVL.

The Korea Transport Institute is a mobility research institute that researches and develops transportation policies and technologies, and collects, investigates and analyzes various information related to transportation policy and technology at Korea and abroad. The speech here is one of the biggest themes of the seminar, which means that Van-Sharing service with KORAIL(Korea Railroad Corporation) and TADA service in Singapore have been well accepted by Korean government. Furthermore, this seminar will be an opportunity to inform many people about the incentive based blockchain mobility ecosystem, MVL, and expand MVL.

This seminar, held by The Korea Transport Institute, will be conducted under the theme of ‘Study on the Special Promotion of New Traffic in Saemangeum’ for Smart City. Jaehwa Han, CTO,  who is core member of MVL, will attend this seminar and give a speech titled ‘The concept of blockchain and its integration into mobility ecosystem – focusing on MVL case’. The speech will explain the technical part and will introduce MVL which connects blockchain and mobility ecosystem and actually provides services in collaboration with KORAIL and TADA in Singapore.

MVL is an incentive based blockchain mobility ecosystem that increases reliability and transparency through providing incentives for recording vehicle management and service usage data. For people who have a car, MVL is a mobility system that integrates vehicle, transportation, traffic etc. into a single integrated vehicle management system, and for people who don’t have a car, MVL provides services like taxi, car sharing, Ride-Hailing, and car rent.

In order to grow MVL, MVL ecosystem needs to be expanded. And to spread MVL ecosystem it is necessary to inform many people about MVL and collaborate with various corporations in MVL ecosystem. In the process, this seminar will inform the government and various corporations about the existence of MVl and inform the goal of MVL ecosystem. The seminar will be a role of foundation for MVL to grow.

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