[August 20 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to August 17

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[8/20 Weekly News] Our updates until August 17. Check out what we have been up to.

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<Seoul Mobility Summit by MVL>
MVL team is about to launch Seoul Mobility Summit around October. This is not a mere meet-up to say “nice to meet you”, but it is a mobility event with industry players and partners. It is going to be a samll scale conference rather than a simple one, and we need to be prepare for this because Singapore and Vietnam business in actively in progress. Of course, all MVLERs who own MVL are free for entry.

<7 good news>
MVL is currently operating a ride-hailing service “TADA” in Singapore, and “easi6” in South Korea. We also have recently signed a MOU with a Vietnamese insurance company “PTI,” and had a collaboration with Korean Public Enterprise “KORAIL”. All these things are what MVL team has been doing for less than a month.

We already have many good news these days and would like to disclose some good news to MVLERs, but we will give these news to you in proper timing and circumstances.

MVL Team promises that MVL will bring more than seven good news, until November 2018.

These good news include: Collaboration with global mobility companies to help expand and improve the MVL ecosystem, collaboration with major domestic companies, participating in a national R&D project, listing on various exchanges for activation of trading MVL token, and etc.

<Kay, Interview with Chinese Media>
MVL CEO Kay Woo was interviewed by Chinese blockchain media, 金色财经, and the interview has been posted. It is shows that China is also beginning to be interest in MVL.

<MVL Workshop>
MVL is an incentive based mobility ecosystem, and it is important to create an incentive structure that benefits everyone in MVL ecosystem. MVL is constantly researching to form an incentive structure, and last week we held workshops with mobility ecosystem parties to form an incentive structure.

We now have up to 12,000 drivers, and 52,000 riders who have joined TADA in Singapore. We would like to kindly recommend that all our MVLers join our official Telegram group to voice out their opinions on how to better our service.
▶️ Telegram link: t.me/tadaofficial

Currently MVL Vietnam team is helping to operate TADA app after launching in Singapore. Furthermore, as TADA app will launch in Vietnam in near future, we are in the process of translating the TADA app into Vietnamese in order to be able to operate immediately after launching.

Many MVLERs were wondering about the scene of TADA launching event in Singapore on July 25th. We uploaded the video shot on the day of the event to MVL official Youtube channel. Please subscribe our channel.
▶️ https://youtu.be/yhmn5jxZeVw


<Establishing Base for Entering Japanese Market>
MVL team is working to expand the size of MVL ecosystem and collect more MVLERs. As part of these, MVL had a meeting with Protostar, a company that supports startup companies and give a guide how to operate. Through this meeting, we discussed how we shall move forward when it comes to entering the Japanese market.

In addition, MVL had a meeting with a lawyer who will help in charge of entering the Japanese market. He agreed to become legal advisor to MVL team and help us when we try to enter into the Japanese market. First of all, MVL team will have a meeting with an insurance company through him and talk about cooperation.

MVL is looking for a person who will accompany with us. MVL team is currently recruiting a representative in charge of Chinese communication.
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/cg3T

MVL is looking for new team members in Vietnam. For MVL being known in Vietnamese market, new team members will be helping the operation in the Vietnam and also helping with technical work. In addition to the operation, we are also recruiting for the technical part, so please give many interest.