[August 6 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to August 3

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[8/6 Weekly News] Our updates until August 3. Check out what we have been up to.

▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/PvRA

<Coinbene-Listing and Events>
The first global exchange of MVL will be listed on Coinbene on August 7. MVL, which is operating Ride-Hailing service TADA, and Coinbene which is based on Singapore have a lot of common denominators. We are going to be involved in various events at the same time as listing. For more details, please check Coinbene Notice.
▶️ Listing : https://www.coinbene.com/#/notice/detail/811
▶️ Events : https://www.coinbene.com/#/notice/detail/815

<MOU with Vietnam Insurance Company PTI>
MVL has signed MOU with Vietnam Insurance company PTI which is one of the top five insurance companies in Vietnam. Dongbu Insurance(which is one of the top insurance companies in Korea) is a major shareholder of PTI. PTI has a large mobility network with 468 car repair companies that will help MVL. Through this MOU, MVL has made various business agreements such as TADA service driver insurance, TADA passenger insurance, and idividual driver insurance product as well as Vietnam network construction. In addition, various existing mobility companies in Vietnam can be connected with MVL which is incentive based blockchain mobility ecosystem.
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/rGH5

<Collaboration with KORAIL>
Easi6 which is mother company of MVL has provided ‘Van-Sharing Service’ with KORAIL(Korea Railroad Corpoation), which makes it convenient to move between KTX Manjong Station and Wonju Innovative City. Easi6’s rental-car(van) sharing model has received recognition and has been supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as well as KORAIL service, one of the public enterprise. Please check MVL official blog.
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/83Xg

After the successful launch of TADA last week, we now have over 10,000 driver sign ups and 30,000 riders who have joined us. In particular, the number of orders, which were 1,500 cases on July 27, increased by 230% on August 4 and the number of orders has increased to about 5,000. It is gradually increasing, and we received totally 30,000 orders in ten days since launching. The feedbacks that we have received from our drivers & riders are being processed in order to develop TADA into a service that everyone can use with ease and comfort.

While TADA is only currently accepting private hire drivers, we are looking to bring in taxi drivers in the near future. We are continuously meeting taxi companies to find ways to work together. It was also an opportunity to learn more about the taxi industry in Singapore. With this, we hope to bring great news to the taxi drivers out there very soon!
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/pDKT

For more information on TADA, you can visit our new TADA page here
▶️ https://tada.global
There are individual sections for riders & drivers so that each participant can easily find the information they wish to learn more about.

TADA has recently been exposed on various media channels. Here are some of the major channels that have kindly shared news about TADA.
– MVL’s Kay CEO Interview (live broadcast), on Singaporean radio station, Money FM 893
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/SBwo
– Tada! Firm launches new ride-hailing app (online & print article), on THE STRAITS TIMES
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/qBSJ
– Blockchain-based ride-hailing app TADA makes Singapore debut (online & print article) on THE BUSINESS TIMES
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/mvDo
MVL has been mentioned in Vietnam news. MVL, who succefully launched TADA in Singapore, will challenge the Vietnam Ride-Hailing Market.
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/iFGv
MVL and TADA were mentioned Korean news, too. It is about TADA’s successful launching in Singapore.

MVL website has been redesigned. For better communicating information about what MVL wants to do, new video and infographic have been updated. We also updated the information about team members and advisors who have recently joined to MVL. Additionally, through the Suggestion section, we want to hear and communicate with many MVLERs. If you gave any questions about MVL or if you have some good ideas, please use Suggestion section.
▶️ Website : http://mvlchain.io
▶️ Suggestion : http://mvlchian.io/info

MVL is looking for a person who will accompany with us. MVL team is currently recruiting a representative in charge of Chinese communication.
▶️ https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/cg3T

New MVL Vietnam team members are joined. The new team members will help MVL to get to know many people in Vietnamese market and work on the technical work together. In addition we are currently recruiting more team members in Vietnam. Thank you for your interest.

Survey events are also in progress in Vietnam to form MVL incentive structure. In Vietnam, we will do until August 7 and give ‘Mobile Phone Pre-pay Card’ to 50 people in random. Please proceed with our survey
▶️ Survey link : https://goo.gl/forms/UiGZlD0das072SNX2

TADA, powered by MVL, is conducting a Survey on the Value of Mobility Data. Take TADA’s survey and stand a chance to be amongst 50 lucky respondents to win $10 Shell Petrol Voucher! The survey is open from 2nd to 15th August 2018 and winners will be notified by 31st August 2018.
Click on the link below to start the survey!
▶️ https://goo.gl/forms/tYqfIZ1lwKbQaqDn1