MVL, Enter into Vietnam Mobility Market…MOU with Vietnamese Insurance Company

Hi. This is MVL team.

Currently, MVL team is investing a lot of effort and manpower to open the Ride-Hailing service in Vietnam after Singapore. There are good news that empower Vietnam service and MVL ecosystem.

MVL signed a business agreement(MOU, Memorandum of Understanding) with Vietnam Insurance Company, PTI, on August 1.

PTI is not yet known, but it is one of the five largest insurance companies in Vietnam and Dongbu Insurance, which is one of the largest insurance companies in Korea, is the major shareholder. Established in 1998, PTI provides various types of non-life insurance services such as vehicles and property. This large insurance company and MVL have established a more progressive relationship through the MOU.

Through this MOU, 468 vehicle workshops, as well as driver insurance, rider insurance, etc., will be able to be connected with MVL which is incentive-based blockchain mobility ecosystem.

For more about MOU with PTI;

  1. Driver Insurance and Rider Insurance Services for Ride-Hailing Service
  • Rider can be insured only by boarding
  • Driver Insurance will be the test-model that will only cover when driving the vehicle(for Ride-Hailing)
  1. General Private Driver Insurance Service
  2. Collaboration for Connecting System for 468 Vehicle Workshops.
  • Apply the insurance claim and incentive system by connecting the workshop to MVL.
  • Digitize the existing manual system with MVL system.

In the meantime, MVL has been trying to apply Vehicle-Sharing services to MVL through Easi6 and TADA. Through this MOU with PTI, the vehicle insurance field has also been applied to MVL, which makes the ecosystem of MVL wide.

With the support of PTI’s local network and the specialty know-how in the Vietnam mobility ecosystem, mobility ecosystem technology and platform management capabilities of MVL will bring greater synergy to the Vietnamese mobility ecosystem.

With the help of PTI, MVL expects to be able to increase accessibility with mobility companies and related customers in Vietnam, and to help expand MVL ecosystem as well as Ride-Hailing service.

We promise to be successful in Vietnam as well as in Singapore.

Thanks to support of MVLER, MVL team is working hard and tries to do more.