MVL Global Business Map

Hello. This is MVL Team.

We brought a “business map,” to easily understand the business of MVL, such as Easi6 and TADA.

MVL aims to build a blockchain-based open mobility protocol, which is a decentralized, distributed economy.

MVL Team has found that the limitations of centralized protocols such as existing Uber, Grab, etc. occur by monopoly of revenue, monopoly of data, and monopoly of business.(Pure-blooded, impossible to collaborate besides uber)

Monopoly of revenue and monopoly of data can be solved by using blockchain and token economy. However, if we enforce our brand, MVL, for companies participating in the blockchain ecosystem, MVL will become another centralized enterprise.

If you are a company that can work with MVL, the size and the shape of the company is not a big deal. Uber can also perform various activities in the MVL ecosystem.

TADA, which will be test-operated as a service of MVL, is also a member of the mobility ecosystem, MVL. MVL team has launched it as a value of example to demonstrate the commercialization of the incentive-based mobility ecosystem. If TADA is successfully settled in the current mobility market, various mobility corporations will join the MVL ecosystem.

We would like to tell you more about Easi6 in Korea. The mobility of each country varies according to the culture and legal system of the country. In Korea, peer-to-peer (P2P) type Ride Sharing is strictly prohibited. Uber had entered the Korean market with the same business model and has quit the business due to legal issues. MVL plans to launch and support stable mobility business in accordance with each country’s system. Current TADA model is legal in Singapore, but is prohibited in Korea. Easi6’s rental car sharing model has been supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and public enterprise(in near future), and had operated in PyeongChang Olympic Games.

If we enforce our brand name “MVL” to every company that participates in MVL ecosystem, the growth of MVL will be stagnant. In order to expand the MVL ecosystem perpetually, MVL must collaborate with mobility companies that share the value of MVL, and endeavor together to share MVL with participants, including both users and companies.

Thank you 🙂


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