[July 30 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to July 27

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[7/30 Weekly News] Our updates until July 27. Check out what we have been up to.

MVL Global Business Map has been updated on our official blog. If you are wondering about the current and future services of MVL, and the ultimate goal of MVL, please check our official blog !


MVL’s global exchange listing has been confirmed. Since July 19, when MVL was listed on the Cashierest, many foreign supporters were unable to make transactions and left regret. MVL team is currently in discussions with many global exchanges and has confirmed listing on one of the exchages. However, because of the terms of the contract with the exchage, the exact date and exchange name can not be disclosed at this time and we will announce you exact information when it is possible. For more information, please check Kay’s presentation on our official Youtube channel.
▶ Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaILxpn2UlI&t=1s

Advisors from Uber decided to go with MVL. So, there are now 7 advisors, including our new and existing advisors, who come from Uber or know well about Uber. They agree with the possibility of the growth of MVL and the fact that MVL can solve the problems inherent in the mobility ecosystem. Thses advisors will be expecially helpful in running the ‘TADA’ Ride-Hailing service launched in Singapore on July 26. We will talk about how to adress issues address across the mobility ecosystem. For more information about Uber Avengers, please check MVL official blog.
▶ MVL Official Blog Link : https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/QMRu

MVL’s official promotional video has been uploaded to Youtube. Please check the video to see what MVL is doing and the direction we have. (Sutitiles are uploaded, please check.)
▶ Youtube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdo8bLC7nME

A MVL survey events are underway in Korea to form MVL incentive structure. Until July 31, anyone over 20 years old will be able to participate in and we will give MVL T-shirts to 50 people in random. We are looking forward to your involvement.
▶ Survey Link : https://goo.gl/forms/z4WEYUhGFF3QCe6p1

On July 26th, a ride-hailing service ‘TADA’ was launched in Singapore. We had a media conference and driver sessions in Singapore on 26th. A lot of people came and showed lots of interest and support for TADA.

Currently there are over 8,000 drivers who have signed up with TADA. The number of driver signed up is about 150 each day before launching the TADA service. After launching, approximately 1,000 people, about 660% more than before launch, join daily. The total number of people using TADA services now exceeds 23,000 and these numbers are growing rapidly. On the first day of service opening, on July 26, about 8,500 new members joined and about 9,500 new members joined the next day. Anyone who wishes to join TADA are more than welcome to come down to our office to do so or fill out an application online.
▶ Office Address: 63 UBI ROAD 1 #01-48 OXLEY BIZHUB SINGAPORE 408728
▶ Online Sign Up Link: https://tada.global/driver_signup
After the launch on July 26, the number of orders through TADA app reached 1,200 on the first day, and the number of orders through TADA app reached 2,900(increasing 240%) on the second day totaling 13,000. Also, this number gradually increased, and about 1,800 reservation orders were received by 11:00A.M(GMT+8) on July 30. Now TADA app is very popular in Singapore. One of Singapore’s most popular radio stations, Class 95 Fm, mentioned our TADA app and explained our sevice and the response was positive.

MVL team is currently receiving feedback from TADA service users and drivers on multiple channels. And we will continue to work closely with our users and supporters to provide better service. Thank you for your advice.
▶ TADA Telegram : https://t.me/tadaofficial
▶ TADA Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/TADAGLOBAL/?modal=admin_todo_tour

The TADA app is currently the number 1 downloaded app in the Singaporean Apple App Store.

MVL Vietnam team members also helped to do various things in Vietnam to successfully launch TADA application, and some team members went to Singapore to help.

Survey events are also in progress in Vietnam to form MVL incentive structure. In Vietnam, we will do until August 7 and give ‘Mobile Phone Pre-pay Card’ to 50 people in random. Please proceed with our survey
▶ Survey link : https://goo.gl/forms/UiGZlD0das072SNX2