easi6 Provides ‘Van-Sharing Service’ with KORAIL

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We have a good news for MVL/easi6 and distributed the press release today.

With KORAIL(Korea Railroad Corporation), easi6 provides ‘Van-Sharing Service’ which makes it convenient to move between KTX Manjong Station and Wonju Innovative City.

easi6’s rental-car(van) sharing model has received recognition and has been supported by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as well as KORAIL service, one of the public enterprise. With this in mind, easi6 aims to spread the mobility-sharing economy.

This service, which links the Wonju Innovation City with the Manjong Station, is the first case of collaboration with KORAIL.

As a part of the MVL ecosystem, easi6 will be a stepping stone to the spread of incentive-based mobility ecosystem, MVL. Please watch how TADA service grows, which has been launched in Singapore with easi6.


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[Press Release] easi6 Provides ‘Van-Sharing Service’ with KORAIL

Test-Operation between KTX Manjong Station – Wonju Innovative City

Build a Shared-Economy Mobility Ecosystem


Mobility startup easi6 announced on July 30th that it provide a ‘Van-Sharing Service’ with KORAIL(Korea Railroad Corporation), which is ride-sharing service between KTX Manjong Station and Wonju Innovation City.

This service is a ride-sharing service that one can conveniently move between the KTX Manjong Station and the Wonju Innovative City, which have been difficult to travel by public transportation. It aims workers who had difficulty in commuting, and visitors in Wonju Innovation City.

If you make reservations at the smartphone application “KorailTalk” beforehand, you can get a ride on the 12-person van and move between KTX Manjong Station and Wonju Innovation City. The ride operates 4 times a day.

easi6 helps Korail to operate its service smoothly through easi6’s 5-year mobility service know-how and the infrastructure it has accumulated over the years. easi6 will apply the mobility-sharing economy model with this service.

Meanwhile, easi6 is a company founded by the members of the Seoul National University Development Club. Since 2013, it has been providing limousine services in partnership with local car rental companies in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. easi6’s Singapore subsidiary, MVL Foundation, is developing MVL, a blockchain mobility ecosystem. In the future, easi6 service will be based on MVL.

(Photo Description: You can book a service at the smartphone app ‘KorailTalk’)


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