Uber Avengers, Build Mobility Ecosystem with MVL

Hi. We are MVL team.

New advisors have been added to MVL. Welcome to the new advisors of MVL who will be very helpful in the process of the MVL Project !!

In addition, we would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of advisors of MVL

Especially, this time, we would like to introduce the ‘Uber Avengers’ among the newly added advisors to MVLER.

MVL has launched a new Ride-Hailing service ‘TADA’ in Singapore on July 26. As you know, there are already large Ride-Hailing service providers called ‘Uber’ and ‘Grab’ all over the world. In Singapore, especially Grab exclusively offers Ride-Hailing service. Grab is a so big charge of this service in Singapore that it is now an issue due to the chronic problem of excessive commission fees. So the Singapore government is trying to support other Ride-Hailing services to provide an alternative to this problem.

In this situation, those who will give MVL team wings are the ‘Uber Avengers’ who joined MVL by advisors this time. These people are all from ‘Uber’ or ‘Consultants of Uber’. Why did they say they would be the advisors to MVL team? This means that ‘TADA’ which is zero-commission Ride-Hailing service of MVL has been recognized in Ride-Hailing industry, and also in the field of mobility. In addition, the people who have worked in various parts of Uber choose MVL, which means that the what MVL ultimately want to solve in mobility ecosystem is the direction that many people want and MVL has the ability to solve problems.

This is a brief profile of the new Uber Avengers added to MVL.



Joshua Ho

前 International Expansion at Uber

現 Co-Founder at QCP Capital – Asia’s Leading Digital Asset Manager

Leon Sing Foong

前 General & Operations Manager at Uber

現 CEO at SOCAR Malaysia

Tiger Fang

現 Country General Manager at Uber

Warren Tseng

現 Business Builder and Operator, Uber

Adrian Latortue

前 International Launcher at Uber

現 Coo & Co-founder at Embe.co

Steven Liew

前 Government Relations Consultant of Uber at APCO

現 Co-founder of Cosmic Cafe, private investment and startup advisory firm

Additionally, there is Vidit Agrawal(Strategic Partnerships, APAC, Uber) who already advised to MVL. So there are 8 Uber related people who advise MVL.

Vidit Agrawal

前 Strategic Partnerships APAC at Uber

現 COO at Carro Singapore

Please check the profile of each advisor in the LinkedIn profile by click advisors’ name if you want details.


Thank you.