MVL’s TADA, Successful Launch

Hi. This is MVL[em-buh-l] team.

On July 26th, a ride-hailing service ‘TADA’ was launched in Singapore.
We had a media conference and driver sessions in Singapore on 26th.
A lot of people came and showed lots of interest and support for TADA.

<Kay surrounded by Singapore media>

Kay was questioned by reporters before the event began. The office is the MVL’s Singapore office!

<TADA Media Conference>

The media conference started at 10:30. Kay explained about the TADA platform and demonstrated how apps are running.

Lived on YouTube and Facebook yesterday. Please check the YouTube MVL channel for the past videos. The video starts from about 7 minutes.

We finished the media event and proceeded with driver sessions. Singapore drivers were introduced to TADA and on-site registration was conducted. We received the application for the drivers who are going to attend the session in advance, but many drivers showed interest and we proceeded in two sessions.

<Singapore Driver Listening to Kay’s TADA Explanation>

Many people who came to register in advance, but also those who did not register in advance came to listen to the explanation and inquired.

<MVL employees wearing white TADA t-shirts are introducing driver registration instructions>

Today (27th), many drivers come to inquire and register.
The 26th event was a great success.

Yesterday, the local media was also very interested in MVL and TADA.

<Google Article Search Results>

<Local media>
There are many other places that covered MVL

Channelnewsasia: TADA: New ride-hailing app, driven by blockchain, launches in Singapore

Channel8news: MVL推出新私召车应用TADA 本地首家“零佣金”召车平台

Techinasia: Another ride-hailing app enters Singapore’s post-Uber vacuum – and it’s on the blockchain

Zaobao: 新私召车平台TADA今天推出

The cryptonomist: A Singapore il rivale di Uber va sulla blockchain

The business Times: TADA brings blockchain-based, zero-commission ridehailing to Singapore

The Straits Times: New ride-hailing firm Tada enters market, says it will not impose dynamic pricing

Deal Street Asia: S Korean startup MVL launches blockchain-based ride-hailing app TADA in Singapore

Vulcan Post: Blockchain-Based Ride-Hailing App TADA Launches In S’pore – Offers 50% Cheaper Surge Rates

Today: New ride-hailing app Tada promises lower fares at rush hour, zero drivers’ commissions

Is TADA operating well?

Yesterday, Kay used TADA and checked to do well.

<TADA app and TADA driver>

Approximately 5,000 Singapore drivers are applying now and become MVLER.
Congratulations and thank you very much for interest and support.

So far, local news in Singapore!

I will visit you with better news.

<MVL’s business>
MVL’s Business: Based on the blockchain ecosystem MVL, we are going to step into various mobility services. easi6 and TADA are the first steps and we will work out one by one. Please wait a minute.