MVL│Launch of Singapore Service and Listing Announcement

Hello. This is MVL Team.

We have three important announcements for today(July 26th). We are excited to tell these great news to our supporters :).

  1. Launch of Ride-Hailing Service in Singapore

The first commercialization service based on MVL, a ride-hailing service ‘TADA’, will be officially launched in Singapore on 26th. There is a big ride-hailing service in Singapore, but drivers and passengers are dissatisfied with it due to its monopoly structure.

TADA will prioritize the basic functions of the ride-hailing service and will be able to operate services based on the mobility ecosystem MVL in the future. TADA is also the first testbed for  Incentive-based mobility ecosystem MVL.

In future, the service will be available on the Incentive-based MVL, and still there is no commission that a TADA driver has to pay to the platform. With MVL, driver’s profit will be increased, and the quality of the service will be also increased.

2000 drivers, which were the goal of MVL, have already registered to TADA. We are expecting our service to grow in future as well.


  1. Advisor Update

Seven advisors recently decided to join MVL. They agreed with MVL’s potential growth and the fact that MVL can solve mobility ecosystem problems in the future.

We would like to emphasize that all of these newly added advisors and existing advisor are from Uber, or are familiar with Uber. Joshua Ho, Leon Sing Foong, Tiger Fang, Warren Tseng and Adrian Latortue are from Uber. Steven Liew was government relations consultant at Uber when he was working for APCO, and he knows well about Uber and the mobility ecosystem. Our advisor, Vidit Agrawal, is also from Uber.

For more information on advisors, please visit MVL’s official blog. They are experts who know best about recent mobility ecosystem, and you can say that MVL is recognized for its potential.

Advisors from Uber agree that MVL’s incentive-based mobility ecosystem ultimately benefits both mobility-related businesses, users and drivers.

Among newly added advisors, there is Steven Liew of Cosmic Cafe K.K, a startup investor and advisor.


  1. Global Exchange Listing Confirmed

On July 19, MVL was listed on Korean Exchange, Cashierest. MVL has received much attention, thanks to many supporters.

Only Koreans could trade MVL on Cashierest, and we felt sorry for our global supporters. This is an exciting news for both global supporters and Korean supporters.

Listing MVL on the Global Exchange has been confirmed.

Please understand that under the terms of the contract with the exchange, the exact listing date and the name of the exchange will be disclosed later. The date and the name of the exchange will be announced when they can be revealed.


The weather is hot in these days.

MVL will work hard to give out good news in the second half of this year, and will let you forget the heat.


Please refer to MVL CEO’s announcement on MVL Youtube Channel.



MVL Team

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