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In today’s post, we will talk about Easi6, a parent company of MVL, and is also a service that has been conducted in the past.


Easi6 is a platform for reserving vehicles including drivers in Asia. Over the past five years, Easi6 has been involved in a variety of mobility-related businesses in Asia, including Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore and Taiwan.

Currently, number of large platform companies such as Didyxing, Uber, and Grab are competing in the Asian mobility market. Furthermore, it was difficult to sustain and expand our business since it is difficult to grow unless capital of large corporations are involved.

In this saturated mobility market, Easi6 has recognized that most car rental companies in Southeast Asia are experiencing inconveniences by managing their car reservation  management schedules only by the person in charge. As a solution to this problem, Easi6 developed a systematic car reservation management system and provided to rental car companies. Easi6 also provided them with additional orders in connection with online travel agencies and social commerce, and made this a business model.


As a result, various mobility-related projects such as cross-border chauffeur service between China and Hong Kong, limousine ticketing service in Taiwan, rent-a-car management system in East Asia, and PyeongChang Olympic reservation service have been mainly performed by Easi6.

For example, Easi6 has expanded its premium car reservation service in Hong Kong and Guangdong provinces called “Easiway“, as well as shuttle service ticketing services crossing Hong Kong and Shenzhen. In this service, users were able to book vehicles in advance according to his schedule, and even premium cars including drivers could be booked.

Easi6 Korea

The business model Easi6 conducted in Korea was similar to existing services. Easi6 service has launched in Korea in the beginning of 2018 with PyeongChang Olympic Games, and was selected as the official O2O Partner Company of Olympic Games. We provided a chauffeur service to foreign tourists visiting Olympic Games, and received a certificate of appreciation from the PyeongChang Olympic Committee.

After the Olympics, we provided chauffeur service to foreigners visiting Korea. Targeting foreign tourists, we connected travel services in China / Southeast Asia and Korean car rental companies so that tourists can book a Korean service without installing a separate app.


If we aimed to provide the same service which the large platforms are already providing in the mobility market, we would not have been able to create a service and partnerships in 10 Asian countries and could not maintain the Easi6 business for past five years. Easi6 has viewed, and entered the mobility market in a different way and has achieved a remarkable growth at the mobility market in East Asia.


While we were doing Easi6 business, we’ve met with various mobility companies and drivers who have constantly engaged in the mobility market. They were the ones who have actually participated and contributed to this industry, but they received insufficient rewards for their work. In addition, drivers who participate in the platform including taxi drivers, could only receive a certain fee. All profit was being monopolized by the platform companies.

MVL Project has begun, to solve these problems.

With an incentive-based mobility ecosystem, MVL is aiming for a decentralized protocol that improves the current vicious platform-based monopoly system. In this protocol, which we call MVL ecosystem, service providers will be fairly rewarded, and data producers will get the ownership of their data. In the MVL ecosystem, participants can receive a reasonable reward and provide / get good services based on incentives.


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