[July 23 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to July 20

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Our updates until July 20. Check out what we have been up to.


MVL have listed on ‘Cashierest'(which is the one of Korean exchanges) on July 19. After that MVL had close meetings with several other global exchanges about listing and we will be able to good news about it. We will give you information when it is fixed.

Kay’s main interview video had been uploaded on our Youtube channel, ‘MVLchain Official’. You can see full version of Kay’s interview and team members working
▶ Youtube link : https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/GA2R

A MVL survey events are underway in Korea to form MVL incentive structure. Until July 31, anyone over 20 years old will be able to participate in and we will give MVL T-shirts to 50 people in random. We are looking forward to your involvement.

A few of MVL Korea team visited Singapore to give a help for MVL Ride-Hailing service which will be launched on July 26 in Singapore

MVL had a meeting with one of the global exchanges and talking about several things in Japan. We are going to start the process of listing on a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform first.

MVL had a meeting with our advisor in Tokyo. We learned the current state of the exchange platforms in Japan.

Some of MVL Vietnam team members also went on a business trip to Singapore to help launching MVL Ride-Hailing service.

Survey events are also in progress in Vietnam to form MVL incentive structure. In Vietnam, we will do until August 7 and give ‘Mobile Phone Pre-pay Card’ to 50 people in random. Please proceed with our survey
▶Survey link : https://goo.gl/forms/UiGZlD0das072SNX2

A few members of MVL Korea and Vietnam team has travelled to Singapore to better assist the launch of the ride-hailing seivice(July 26). After the app has been launched, the MVL team will continue to assist the drivers and riders with any inquiries they may have.

The MVL Singapore office is now open for business. We welcome drivers to drop by and sign up or simply say hello. While we may be busy with the launch of the app, we always have time to listen to our partners’ needs.

Kay had a meeting with Singapore Taxi Academy and several car rental companies to discuss cooperation after opening MVL Ride-Hailing service. If collaboration proceeds, it will connect Singapore local drivers with us and help us to collect them.

Users’ complaints are drastically increasing about Singapore ride-hailing service. According to the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore(CCCS), numerous complaints were submitted from riders and drivers since the merger between Grab and Uber. CCCS judged that a sufficient competition could not be made in currnet Singapore mobility market, and has proposed remedies to address competition concerns. In these circumstances, MVL has been attracting the attention of the Singapore media as MVL launches its own ride-hailing service with zero commission policy and incentive policy.
(Source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/business/grab-uber-merger-competition-financial-penalties-10501708)