Do You Actually Operate? – 1. Current Development Progress and Plan

Hello again, we are MVL.

In the previous article, we learned about MVL’s overall business outline.

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From today, let’s look at whether MVL is actually operating and how it is currently under development.

Current Development Progress – Ride Hailing (Vehicle Call) Service

Currently, many Koreans use taxi, car sharing and many other transportation services. In particular, development of applications has made it easier to access to these transportation services, Kakao Taxi for example.

Globally there are many ride hailing services, such as Grab of Southeast Asia or Uber used in the Western countries. Not only local people use these services frequently, but they are also very popular among first-time travelers, since these services are inexpensive and they provide easy UI. Grab is even becoming one of essential apps for travelers traveling to Southeast Asia.

Currently however, Grab monopolizes the mobility market in Singapore. Grab participants including taxi drivers must pay a high commission fee to the company, because there is no alternative choice for them. Singapore government is now realizing the seriousness of this high-handedness of platform companies and is actively promoting launch of other platforms under government initiatives.

In these circumstances, MVL launches a zero-commission based ride-hailing service in July 26th at Singapore as the first service of MVL. MVLERS, such as drivers, who participate in the MVL Platform(Ecosystem) do not pay any platform fees.

MVL does not compete with huge active platforms in Singapore mobility market. MVL does not aim to recapture the entire market. What MVL aims to do is to deliver a message. By providing services that are more reasonable and widely available to the public, we want to let more people know about MVL and gather more MVLERs to our MVL ecosystem to thrive together.

As MVL ecosystem become more active and more people contribute to the ecosystem, the value of the MVL ecosystem will dramatically increase. Furthermore, MVL is going to build the ecosystem with MVLERs, and if those MVLERs generate any kind of data, they, not platform company, will take it. MVL will show this new value through the riding-hailing service. You can earn your fair revenue for the services you provide.

MVL is planning to launch the ride-hailing service on 26th of this month in Singapore(July 26th, 2018). We are also discussing a schedule to support another ride-hailing application, which will be launched in Vietnam in Q4 this year.

Further Development Plan


Picture above shows the overall project roadmap of MVL. MVL successfully processed ICO from April 26th to May 24th. On 26th of this month, the first service of MVL will be launched in Singapore. Now, let’s look at the roadmap to figure out the services and the dates of their release.

Q3 2018 – Launch of MVL Application

MVL app, currently scheduled for release in Q3 2018, will have functions of ‘wallet’ and ‘navigation’.

If you have much interest in the crypto market, you may have heard of ‘wallet’ which is pretty similar to ‘bank account’. Wallet allows MVLERs to store and exchange their MVL coins. In addition, they receive their incentives called MVL Point through their wallets.

MVL application also provides navigation function to encourage people use the app when driving.

Q4 2018 – MVL Application Update

MVL app will be updated in Q4 this year. The app still has the function of wallet and navigation.

Vehicle management system, maintenance status, gasoline, taxi and other vehicle-related services will be added to the app. At this stage, the vehicle owner, driver, mechanic and other MVLERs will be able to record and use detailed information such as their driving, maintenance data.

Q1 2019 – MVL Mainnet Launch / MVL OBD Device Launch

MVL will launch our own ‘MainNet’ in first quarter of 2019. ‘MainNet’ means that MVL will have our own blockchain system. Now, MVL uses ERC-20, which is based on Etherium network.

To put it simple, it means that MVL starts our own server in Q1 2019. Running your own server will allow you to record more data quickly. If this happens, MVLERs will be able to record their data continuously, and much more quickly.

OBD device helps you learn more about your vehicle, especially the internal parts of it. An OBD device can be thought of as a machine mounted on a vehicle. When this device is attached to the vehicle, it can read status data and status change commands of the vehicle.

When you are driving a car, the OBD device reads this information. This OBD device is also connected to the MVL network and communicates wirelessly with the MVL application. This means that the information obtained through this device will be visible to the MVLERs through the MVL app.

This step is a critical stage for further activating the MVL ecosystem and increasing its size. Currently, MVL development team is researching and developing various projects related to the mainnet, and is conducting its own research and development to construct a mainnet that will be suitable for mobility ecosystem.

In future, MVL will make more efforts to connect vehicle-related services such as rent-a-car platform, used-car platform, to provide better service to MVLERs and to activate the MV ecosystem. The current MVL is progressing development as shown on the roadmap, and we are working hard to let everyone know about the MVL mobility ecosystem. Stay tuned with MVL!


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