What is MVL?

Hi. We are MVL team!!

There are many MVLers who have paid attention to MVL from ICO stage. But still there are a lot of people who haven’t heard about MVL, and many of them even do NOT know how to pronounce “MVL”. So we’d like to have some time to let people know about MVL easily.

First, “MVL” is pronounced as [em-buh-l].

MVL is an abbreviation of ‘Mass Vehicle Ledger’. Frankly speaking, we know that you cannot understand this phrase immediately.

MVL, in short, is a Mobility Ecosystem which connects cars, transits, transportations or anything that helps us move. For example, if you have a car, MVL can be an integrated car management system, if you don’t have one, MVL can be a connected protocol that connects any kind of transportation service, like taxi, carpooling, or rent-a-car.

Integrated car management system

When you are driving, MVL takes a role of navigation. When you are receiving a vehicle maintenance, MVL could be a maintenance history book.

MVL does not stop here, and uses smartphone’s GPS sensor, acceleration/geomagnetic sensor to record the driver’s driving propensity

After the release of MVL OBD device to be installed in the vehicle scheduled next year, the data of internal state of vehicle can be collected. This will enable to provide an accurate analysis of the part causing the problem in case of various accidents and problems of the vehicle.

We call these records “Data”, and the people who use MVL and share the data through MVL is called MVLer.

When people fix their car in car garage, they can use MVL to be provided with service in rational price. Or when people sell their used car, people rationally negotiate with a dealer by sharing their data.

Differences of existing car management system

People can have some questions about our system, MVL.

What is different from existing car management system?

What is different from any other new emerging car management system?

This can be answered by “Build blockchain mobility ecosystem based on incentives”, which is the ultimate goal of MVL.

We will explain it simpler.

Differences from existing car management system; Blockchain Mobility

Blockchain. You could have heard about the word, ‘Blockchain’, if you look on the Internet. In short, blockchain is the method of saving the data ‘decentralized’ in order to make the data unhackable.  (We will talk about ‘Blockchain’ later.)

Because tons of participants save the data decentralized, if you want to hack the data and change it, you should revise the data that participants have saved, which is impossible.

In other words, if you save the data, you could not change it so it can be highly trusted, and because many other participants manage the data, it is highly transparent.

For instance, data recorded in blockchain is like ‘Mona Lisa’ in the Loivre museum, which everyone can see but cannot fix it.

‘Mobility’ means all of transportation which can be represented by vehicle. So in short or in a narrow, mobility is a vehicle.

Existing vehicle management system has two problems; ‘Trust’ & ‘Connection’.

Currently users are manually handling their own vehicle data, and could be hacked by someone else. Here you can see a problem of trust, because the data cannot be fully trusted. We can easily feel the problem when people try to purchase used cars. (People cannot trust the accident/driving record of a used car they’d like to buy).

Unconnected vehicle-related services results in thousands of applications related to vehicles(navigation, car management, oiling, etc). Users feel uncomfortable to register to/use them.

MVL can solve these problems by blockchain. Furthermore making trustworthy data and connecting services make a big difference from existing car management systems.

Differences from another next generation car management system; Ecosystem based on Incentives

The differences from another next generation car management system, system that based on blockchain, are ‘Incentives’ and ‘Ecosystem’.

In these days people are reluctant to make new actions or use emerging system if new things are not beneficial. The reason is that in so much information people have no time to ‘learn’ new services.

So MVL solve this problem by making incentives. MVL introduce incentives so that people download the MVL application, and make people be MVLer.

For example, if you drive with MVL application which built in navigation & sensor system, all data about driving can be recorded in blockchain and at the same time MVLer can earn MVP (MVL Point).

These points can be transacted in MVL coins which can be used when you want to be provided with services such as purchasing car parts, getting maintenance from car garage, or gas filling.

In shorts, MVL makes money. If you drive with MVL, you can earn some money. In other respects, MVLer, components of MVL Ecosystem, can be a prosumer which produce and consume MVL coin.


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