[June 25 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to June 22

Hello, this is MVL. Read about our various updates for the past few weeks. Stay tuned for the news to come in the following weeks! Check out more fun news through our new Instagram channel too.

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Our updates until June 22. Check out what we have been up to.

We are looking for new members of the MVL family who shares the same vision of creating a new blockchain mobility ecosystem. With our new members, we hope to bring our participants more exciting news as planned!

MVL met with Mr. Masujima, a lawyer from Mori Hamada & Matsumoto. We explained our MVL project to him and discussed how car maker companies and insurance companies are struggling and at a point where they have to innovate their current business model to sustain themselves. With Masujima-san’s guidance, MVL will begin to collaborate with firms to solve the problems faced by insurance companies. Masujima-san is going to be our legal advisor in Japan.
» https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/oag3

MVL met with Protstar, a PR agency. ProtoStar helps to connect investors and startup companies. They support startup companies with information and resources. Senior Associate, Yudai Suzuki started hearing about blockchain technology and got very interested in it and he’s been working to provide more information about blockchain technology in Japan. He wants people to understand how blockchain can change the world. MVL might work with them for PR/Marketing in Japan in the near future.

MVL met with Infoteria, a Japanese company that specializes in providing software and related support, consulting, and training. Mori-san from Infoteria is consulting Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc on how they can implement blockchain technology. They have created the demo application for Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. In the future, when MVL creates an electric car company, we hope to work together with them and get their support.

MVL met with Mr. Takagi from Intercast, an international web communication company. Mr. Takagi has a website creation company and worked with the government, educational institutions, well-known companies. He is a amateur car racing driver and has many connections in the industry. He will be able to connect us with many people in the automotive, insurance and racing industries in the near future.

MVL met with Professor Ozaki. He is a professor at Kobe University. We explained our project to him and discussed how we are going to introduce our project in Japan. Professor Ozaki will help connect us to the mobility-related industry network, and the MVL team has asked Professor Ozaki to become an MVL advisor. If he becomes an official MVL advisor, we will properly introduce him to you again.

MVL and our advisor, Yokiko-san went to the Neutrino co-working space opening ceremony. We were able to introduce the MVL project to many people at the event. We met Omisego’s CEO and discussed Omisego’s Wallet feature and Omise’s payment system. A new Japanese MVL office will soon open in Shibuya Neutrino and will be used with the Omisego Japan team.
» https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/NV9A

MVL met with Jetfi, a company that rents out wifi pocket for people in Vietnam. We have been discussing a collaboration that helps provide wifi pocket and MVL incentives for Vietnamese people who wish to go abroad to Korea, Japan, Taiwan and more.

MVL team is talking with a local Vietnamese insurance company for on-demand driver insurance, consumer insurance, and individual driver insurance. We also discussed the application of 486 workshops connected to the insurance company in the MVL system. We will sign an MOU in mid-July after preparing the related contents.

The MVL team started meeting and engaging with drivers in Singapore in order to provide an app that takes care of the both the drivers as well as the customers. We have already attracted many drivers who are excited to come on board!

MVL is finalizing the office to be able to carry out local operations and on-demand services in Singapore. The role of the newly opened Singapore office will be utilized for the enrollment and training of drivers of the on-demand services and will be utilized to help cooperate with local business partners.

We are currently hiring new members for the MVL Singapore team. If you are in Singapore and want to join our family, give us a call!
Heading of Marketing >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/HXNU
Stakeholder Support and Partnerships Executive >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/vwPc