Kay Woo, Founder of MVL, Selected as Panelist for Future of Traffic Policy Discussion

Since the concept of MVL’s blockchain-based mobility ecosystem has been announced, we have attracted a lot of attention from the government, academic institutes, companies in various countries.

As a result, Kay Woo, the founder of MVL, has been invited to be a panelist in the Future of Transportation Policy Discussion Session carried out at the 2018 Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair that will be held on June 7th to 8th in COEX, Convention and Exhibition Center, Seoul.

This event is a large-scale national event supervised by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and held by the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement that is in charge of the National Traffic R&D.

Among the various programs, the MVL team was invited to be a discussion panel as a mobility and blockchain expert in the “Mobility Policy Debate for Terrestrial Traffic Innovation”.

The debate attended by the MVL team will be held at COEX room 301B from 3:00PM on June 7th.

CEO Kay Woo’s discussion will be held after the introduction of the “Mobility X” concept by Kim Sun-Wook, the Ministry of Land Transport Development and the presentation of “Smart Mobility Future Scenario” by Kim Seok-Pil, the Vice President of H&P Partners.

This discussion will focus on the future of transportation policy directions and R&D.

Professor Kim Dong-Kyu of Seoul National University, who is also a MVL advisor, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Director, the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, the Korea Transport Institute and more will also participate as a panelist as well.

The content of the discussion will be uploaded on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport YouTube channel later.

In particular, this forum will be open to anyone interested in the future of mobility policies. In addition to this debate, there will also be various events such as National Traffic Hackathon, Autonomous Driving Test Events, and New Technology Exhibitions.

If you have time, please feel free to visit the event.

For more information, please visit http://www.techfair.kr/

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