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Our updates until June 5. Check out what we have been up to.


Kay Woo, the founder of MVL, has been invited to be a panelist in the Future of Transportation Policy Discussion Session to be carried out at the 2018 Land, Infrastructure and Transport Technology Fair that will be held on June 7th to 8th in COEX, Convention and Exhibition Center, Seoul.

Professor Kim Dong-Kyu of Seoul National University, who is also a MVL advisor, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Director, the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, the Korea Transport Institute and more will also participate as a panelist as well.

See more >> https://bit.ly/2Lmd92l

CEO Kay Woo gave a speech on how a true shared economy can be created when blockchain is introduced to a mobility platform at the Blockchain Festival (hosted by Huobi Pro) held from May 24th to 25th.

See Video>> https://www.facebook.com/mvlchain/videos/2117152111903336/

1) ICO & Event Token Distribution Notice
Our token distribution began on May 31, 2018 at 19:00 (GMT+9), and all distributions are now complete. We apologize again for the delay in the distribution of some tokens due to the Ethernet network condition.
MVL token contract:

This distribution includes tokens related to all ICO participation (those who took part in the official MVL homepage, Coinrail, Token Bank), tokens for airdrop, bounty, and participation in various events until the end of ICO.

* Token Distribution

0. As the distribution of all tokens is complete, the tokens can be moved from June 4 11:00 (GMT+9). Refer to the links below for the custom token addition guides (including Coinrail and Token Bank participants). You must add a custom token before you can see the number of tokens in MEW.

Guide to adding custom tokens (MetaMask): https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/eC77
Guide to adding custom tokens (MEW): https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/5nem

1. The number of tokens sold to ICO is approximately 6.2 billion MVL (including bonus). Initially, 71% of the total 8.7 billion MVL planned for ICO sales were sold. The amount of tokens with locks from 3 months to 12 months is about 1.6 billion.

2. Approximately 1.86 billion MVL tokens, which were not sold in public sales, will be burned after we become listed on the exchange as previously announced.

3. Approximately 640 million MVL tokens, which were not sold in private sales, will be distributed in an airdrop event according to how much each person participated in our ICO sale (both public and private).

4. All of the tokens related to the airdrop events that were conducted in Telegram, Kakaotalk, bounty, Coinrail, Token Bank, and Cobak were all distributed. Please inquire to the appropriate channels about the Coinrail, Token Bank, and Cobak events. For inquiries about telegram, kakao talk, and bounty, please inquire at the official bounty Telegram room.

Official Bounty Telegram Room: https://t.me/mvlchain_bounty
Coinrail: https://coinrail.co.kr/
Token Bank: https://tokenbank.co.kr/
Cobak: https://cobak.co.kr/main

5. The initial distribution amount was about 4.8 billion MVL tokens, which is the number of tokens excluding those that are locked in ICO sales and events. This is approximately 16.7% of the total issuance of 30 billion MVL tokens.

* Airdrop tokens for ICO participants

0. Approximately 640 million MVL tokens, which were not sold in the private sale, is going to be used in an airdrop event, and the target is all ICO Participants (Private, Public).

1. We were informed that it would not be equitable to provide benefits to those who did not participate in the ICO due to the volume that was originally estimated to be used in the ICO sales, and it could be a legal problem. We have decided to distribute the airdrop of this amount to the rate of participation of all ICO participants (including everyone who participated in the official MVL homepage, Coinrail and Token Bank).

2. Of the above 640 million MVL tokens, the first round of airdrop is currently underway and all distributions are expected to be completed on the afternoon of June 5. 100% of these tokens will be locked for six months. The lock date begins on May 24, 21:00 (GMT+9).

3. The total size of the first round of the airdrop is about 300 million MVL tokens. You will receive 4.8% of the tokens (including bonuses) you participated in the ICO.

Let us give you an example.
– If you invested 2 ETH in the first round of the Pre-sale,
> 2 ETH * 240,000 MVL = 480,000 MVL
> 480,000 MVL * 25% Bonus = 120,000 MVL bonus tokens (3 months lock)
> Total ICO participation: 480,000 +120,000 = 600,000 MVL
> The number of MVL tokens you will receive = 600,000 * 4.8% = 28,800 MVL (6 months lock)
>> Number of tokens you will have after this first round of airdrop = 628,000 MVL

Please note that those who have received tokens through events are not eligible to receive tokens through this airdrop event.

4. The event related to the remaining 340 million MVL tokens after this first airdrop event willl be announced later.

2) Serendipity Event Winners Announced
Some of the winners did not respond to our emails last time so we have 1.04 million MVL tokens to give out. We did a redraw on June 4 21:00 (GMT+9). Those who registered on MVL main homepage, registered wallet and completed KYC by May 17 11:59 Korea time were able to participate in this lucky draw. Winners, please respond to our email by June 11 21:00 (GMT+9).

3)Inquiries of Getting Listed
Many are asking us when we will be listed. We will let you know when things are final so until then please be patient with us. We are currently vigorously in talks with multiple exchanges home and abroad.