How to Add MVL Custom Token in MyEtherWallet

Hello! This is MVL Team.

MVL’s Token Sale has officially ended on May 24th, 21:00 (UTC+9). Thank you for your interest and support. MVL will work hard to meet our supporters’ needs.

MVL tokens will be distributed to our supporters on the last day of May, and this includes the tokens related to our ICO and bounty/airdrop events. You might want to see your received tokens if you are one of those. Therefore we are now back with instructions to add MVL custom token in MyEtherWallet, which is one type of ERC20 wallet.

1. Go to (

2. Click on View Wallet Info, Select Private Key to access your wallet. Insert your wallet’s private key and click on Unlock.


3. Your wallet’s information will then pop up. To add the MVL custom token, please click on Add Custom Token located in the bottom-right side of the screen.


4. The Token Balances will then appear. Insert 0xa849eaae994fb86afa73382e9bd88c2b6b18dc71 for Token Contract Address, MVL for Token Symbol, 18 for Decimals.


5. Completed! Now you can check your token amount in the Token Balances list.