[May 29 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to since May 28

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Read about our various updates for the past few weeks. A lot has happened so make sure you check out the feeds.

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Our updates until May 28. Check out what we have been up to.

<South Korea>
The mobility platform, easi6 has expanded its number of vendors to provide more vehicle services to TMON (Ticket Monster, one of leading e-commerce companies in Korea). Some of the vendors include Taiwan’s Gogoout(https://gogoout.com/) to enable TMON’s customers to conveniently travel to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taiwan and South Korea. We hope to expand easi6’s business, allowing it to become the first service in the MVL ecosystem.

<New York>
Founder of MVL, Kay Woo participated in the Consensus 2018 held by Coindesk in New York on May 14th to 15th. Kay was able to meet and converse with the founder of Weblock Team, MyEtherWallet Team, IOTEX Founder, QCP Capital Team and Amberdata CEO during this event. He also met Dr. Samuel who is working in Consensus and had the chance to invite him to the MVL meetup we will be having in Singapore. Consensus is working to expand the Etherium community as a company built by Etherium Founding members. Kay also attended the panel talk of The Korean Society of New York and met Hee-Seup Shin, the General Counsel of Korbit as well as Min Kim from ICON.

MVL participated as a sponsor in the blockchain festival (hosted by Huobi Pro) held from May 24th to 25th. CEO Kay Woo also gave a speech on how a true shared economy can be created when blockchain is introduced to a mobility platform on the 25th at 4:20PM (Vietnam time). The event was held for two days. (https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/uGeF)

Ho Chi Minh TV and Vietnamese National TV interviewed Kay Woo, allowing MVL to receive a lot of attention in Vietnam. MVL will launch its first blockchain based on-demand vehicle service in Singapore in the third quarter of this year. After, we are planning to make a strategic entry into Vietnam as well. As Grab and Uber’s M&A in the Southeast Asian business are taking place, concerns about monopolies are rising, and MVL hopes to seize the Southeast Asian market including Vietnam. MVL will be utilizing a zero commission strategy to ensure the revenue of the drivers as well as provide a reasonable price to the customers. (https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/QbK9)

1) ICO Progress
MVL’s public sale ended on May 24th at 21:00 (Korea time). The MVL team would like to thank everyone who provided their support and believed in what we aim to create. About 2.4 billion MVL tokens (including bonuses) from a total of 4.2 billion MVL tokens were sold in our pre and main sale. All tokens that were not sold in the main sale are scheduled to be burned after we become listed on an exchange. More specific numbers will be shared when the tokens are distributed.

We are in discussion with several exchanges to be listed as quickly as possible. We will inform everyone when it is confirmed. The tokens will be distributed at the end of May. The tokens obtained by airdrop, bounty and more will be distributed at the same time. We will also announce how to add a custom token to your personal wallet soon.

2) Serendipity Event Winners Announced
We announced the winners of the Serendipity event live on May 19 at 9:00PM (Korea time) for those who have completed signing up, registering their wallet and applying for KYC by midnight of May 17 (Korea time). Due to some participants not replying to the confirmation email, we will be carrying out a redraw. Details concerning this redraw will be announced when it is confirmed.

[Technology Development]
1) Token Distribution
– MVL Contract Testing Completed
We have completed the creation and testing of MVL’s ERC-20 token contract. The MVL development team introduced an automated testing, which already prevented potential problems with ERC-20 tokens through about 50 test cases. The test results and source code for the MVL tokens are available here: https://github.com/mvlchain/mvltoken

– Smart Contract to Distribute MVL Tokens Completed
A token contract that automatically distributes the tokens to participants after ICO is completed has been created. Participants who took part through the official MVL website will automatically receive the amount of MVL tokens that they have purchased in the wallet address registered on ‘My Page’.

2) Development of Ride-Hailing Application
– We started developing the ride-hailing application, which is the first example of the MVL Ecosystem. It is an important milestone in carrying out MVL’s road map after the ICO. Unlike the conventional Uber or Grab services, this app does not impose any commission on the drivers, so it aims to provide a reasonable price and better service. The application will launch a beta version in Singapore at the end of July. Check out more info here »https://mvlchain.io/ride_hailing

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