[May 14 Weekly News] What MVL has been up to since May 13

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2. Our updates until May 13. Check out what we have been up to.


< South Korea >

1) Meet our advisors — 1st lineup
Meet our advisors who have a firm grip on transportation, mobility, data and blockchain scene home and abroad. Check what they have been up to here>> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/kKSN

2) Seminar held by Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University
MVL founder Kay Woo stood in front of students and faculty members of Seoul National University’s Department Civil and Environmental Engineering in early May. He talked about mobility and starting a business. He was able to discuss MVL and its blockchain mobility ecosystem with Professor Dong-Kyu Kim, assistant professor at Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and advisor of MVL. >>https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/rKXG

3) In talks with Mobility Businesses
We can’t tell you the exact names yet but we’re in talks with used car dealers, car rental companies, insurance companies, mobile carriers and manufacturers to cooperate with. We will give you an update as soon as we can.

< Thailand >


  1. Omisego Meeting
  • Kay Woo and Japan’s team member Takuya Naruse dropped by Omise and Omisego’s HQ in Thailand. They met with Jeremy Lam (Omisego Product Lead) and Sutthiporn Mekhaaphirak. >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/KE99
  • During the meeting, we discussed about applying Omisego’s Wallet SDK to MVL and other ways of cooperating. We inked an MOU to join their Technical Forum so we can further our technical cooperation.
  • By applying Omisego Wallet, MVL users will be able to use or exchange other loyalty points, digital fiat and virtual currency.

2) Applying Omise Payment Gateway

  • We talked to Nick Gan (Country Manager) of Omise Payment Gateway, used in Thailand and Singapore. We want to use their payment gateway for our on-demand service, slated to drop in July, in Singapore.

3) Joined Neutrino — Blockchain Co-working Space

  • MVL will join blockchain co-working space, run by Omisego and Global Brain, in Japan. Only those who are selected can join this workspace. It will open on June 16 in Shibuya, Tokyo. Our Japanese team members will be working there.
  • We will also join Neutrino in Singapore. You will be able to meet our Singaporean team members there. >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/ia6t

4) Omisego DEX Cooperation

  • Omisego is developing DEX which will be completed end of next year. Omisego’s Wallet SDK will be applied first so MVL participants can easily use MVL points and coins. Later down the road, MVL participants will be able to use the features of DEX.

< Singapore >

1) Singapore Media Conference

  • The press conference in Singapore was conducted with six local media including Reuters. The message that we wanted to convey at the media conference was the first blockchain service in Singapore and the launch of an on-demand service. With the blockchain-based on-demand service, we hope to provide incentives to drivers and customers who are currently participating in the mobility market. Moreover, drivers can participate in the market without worrying about commissions. As we prepare for the service, we will talk to drivers on the existing on-demand platform and try to solve the problems. >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/cjyD
  • We conducted an interview on the Singapore Main News Channel (Channel 8 News) on our blockchain-based on-demand service. (https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/DfmK)
  • The day after the event, the news of MVL was delivered to 11 Singaporean media, and many journalists and citizens inquired about MVL via Facebook and e-mail.
  • In order to launch the on-demand service, we began accepting driver signup applications. More than 500 drivers joined in a week. We plan to work hard to launch a good service with a lot of drivers through sufficient promotion before the opening in July.

2) Singapore Government Official Meeting

  • After the press release on the scheduled launch of our on-demand service, we had a meeting with the Singapore government (Transportation Bureau). Founder of MVL Kay Woo, explained about the MVL ecosystem and how MVL’s on-demand service will proceed, and promised to compete fairly in accordance with the government’s guidelines.


 1) Dichung Taxi Partnership

  • We are working on a practical partnership with Dichung, a social enterprise that has been conducting a mobility business for more than 5 years in Vietnam. Dichung Taxi is a mobility platform that runs web services connected to many car rental vendors. We have consulted the technical aspects such as an external API connection with Dichung Taxi, and hope to quickly expand our business through this partnership when entering Vietnam. >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/PgFK

2) Collaboration with Local Travel/Lodging Startup in Vietnam

  • Christinas (https://www.christinas.vn/) is a fast growing company in the travel industry in Vietnam, with more than 500 hostels throughout Vietnam. They started as a host company of Airbnb and now they have expanded into travel services and reservation management solutions. In order to provide convenience to overseas travelers who want to find the hotels that they booked through Christinas easily, we are developing a system that is connecting our backend system so that they can book chauffeured ride services. This will serve as a bridgehead for notifying global users of MVL and help us in expanding to the major cities of Vietnam in the future.
  • We are looking to expand in Vietnam and Asia through the partnership with Triip (https://www.triip.me/), a travel service startup. We will collaborate with them to provide hotel and hostel booking customers with direct access to vehicle service providers as well as provide rides to other customers connected with Triip.

3) Vietnamese Media Conference and Meetup

  • Our first media conference was held in Vietnam. It was a conference with three representative news media in Vietnam that introduced the direction of MVL and the launch of the on-demand service. We announced that we would launch a blockchain-based on-demand service and that does not take commission from drivers but instead provide incentives to customers and drivers based on the token economy.
  • The reaction of the Vietnamese media was hotter than expected, and after the media conference, 23 news articles based on our entry into the Vietnamese market was published.
  • Connection with Vietnam’s №1 taxi company, Mai Linh: Since the news, we have been directly connected with the №1 taxi company in Vietnam and we have started to strategically collaborate with them to launch our service in Vietnam. It is not merely a discussion between managers but between the representatives of each firm.
  • The on-demand service will be first launched in Singapore in July before it is launched in Vietnam (it will be first launched in Ho Chi Minh) >> https://ewhk4.app.goo.gl/BoRv


1) Meeting with Japan’s Omisego Team and Participating in Neutrino

  • In Japan, we met with Hitoshi Sang, the Omisego team manager in Japan, and discussed a way to collaborate. Also, it has been decided that we will participate in the Neutrino, the first blockchain co-working space operated by Omisego.

2) Meetings with Japanese Vehicle Industry Platform Vendors

  • We met with the CEO and executives of Bubu (https://bubu-iss.com/) who are engaged in the vehicle sales and repairs, used cars, and vehicle purchasing capital services in areas such as Tokyo, Hokkaido and Saitama. The purpose of the meeting was to see the possibility of connecting with us, and to discuss our collaboration in creating the platform for used car transactions between the customers with C2C. We discussed the direction of working on upgrading the Bubu platform and applying blockchain to used car transactions.

3) Eco Limousine Service

  • We met with Eco Limousine Service (https://ecolimo.jp/en/), a luxury limousine service in Tokyo, to discuss a possible collaboration. In the absence of a system to operate an advanced limousine service, we talked about how to connect through the vehicle reservation management system that was built by our team. Also, we will be conducting tests in the Japanese market through the early participation of drivers in the MVL ecosystem.


1) Gogoout Rental Platform

  • Gogoout (https://gogoout.com/) is a rental service platform that provides services throughout Taiwan. As well as being able to book a vehicle, it is a platform that also provides chauffeured rides. Through the strategic collaboration with the Gogoout team, our team decided to connect with the existing driver-included car reservation service and to test the MVL service in the Taiwanese market. The Gogoout team first made a connection with the chauffeured ride services, and decided to accept a system to manage their reservations.

[ICO and Community Channels]

1) ICO Progress
The 1st and 2nd round of the Pre-ICO ended on May 11, 21:00 (Korea time). The 1st round sold out but the 2nd round did not. A total of 1.7 billion MVL tokens (including bonuses) were sold. The quantity that were not sold in the 2nd round will be for sale during the Main ICO to be sold together with the original Main ICO amount. This totals up to 2.5 billion MVL tokens. All tokens that are not sold during the Main ICO will be burnt. The Main ICO is scheduled to start on May 15, 21:00 (Korea time). For more information, please visit our homepage. >> mvlchain.io

2) Community Management
Currently, we have two KakaoTalk chat rooms. There is one English Telegram and one Korean Telegram room. We also have a telegram service for airdrop and bounty inquiries. All related announcements can be found in the respective channels below.

KakaoTalk Chat Room 1: https://open.kakao.com/o/geJvwwK
KakaoTalk Chat Room 2: https://open.kakao.com/o/ghaxmVL
Telegram EN: https://t.me/mvlchain_en
Telegram KR: https://t.me/mvlchain_kr
Telegram Bounty/Airdrop (KR/EN): https://t.me/mvlchain_bounty
Telegram EN Announcement: https://t.me/mvlchain_news_en
Telegram KR Announcement: https://t.me/mvlchain_news_kr

[Technology Development]

1) Mobility Services
– Development of P2P on-demand service app service
– To release the test app in July
Our first mobility service will be showcased in Singapore. As part of the concrete realization of the announcement at ‘Singapore Media Day’, we will develop a P2P on-demand service app and launch it in Singapore. Under the monopoly situation of Grab due to the withdrawal of UBER in Southeast Asia, we are planning and developing a P2P on-demand service that do not charge commission to bring more benefits to the drivers and passengers of the mobility ecosystem. The service will aim to release a test app in July, and as a service of the MVL ecosystem, it aims to give more direct benefit to the participants and provide a convenient mobility experience.

2) Our Blockchain
– Smart Contract Verification
Our development team is currently working on the security check and testing process of MVL’s ERC20 token contract. In recognition of the fact that the ERC20 token’s programming gaps can cause a major wave of batch overflow bugs, such as the SMT and BEC coins, which have recently become an issue, a stronger automated test setup and code review is being developed. The results of this automated test will be revealed as soon as they are finalized.

3) MVL’s Ecosystem
Information based on data classification and the ecosystem incentive point design are currently being evaluated with our advisors. We are shaping the ecosystem value growth model based on the expansion of the participants in the ecosystem and so, working out the incentive payment model is a major challenge. We will apply the results of the research through a test net developed in 2018 and conduct a verification test.
Based on the results of the contents, we will release it with an update of our white paper in June.

As of May 13, an overview of the activities that took place over the past month will be revealed. Especially, in the business side, there were meetings with many companies and organizations related to cooperating with the MVL ecosystem. This will all be revealed in detail once it is finalized.