How to use MetaMask to transfer ETH to MVL Address

Hi! MVL Team here.

First round of Pre-ICO will start on April 26 at 9 pm UTC+9. In order to participate, you have to send ETH to MVL ICO Contract Address. You can use MetaMask to do so. Once you transfer ETH to MVL ICO Contract Address, you will in return get MVL Tokens.

1. Sign up and log in our homepage ( Go to My Page and click ICO(Token Sale) and see MVL ICO Contract Address. This is will appear after April 26 at 9 pm UTC+9. You have to add your ETH wallet first.

2. Open Metamask and click ‘Send.’ See how to install Metamask here.

3. In the first field, insert MVL ICO Contract Address and insert the amount of ETH you wish to transfer. Hit Next.

4. Please check if the amount of ETH you want to transfer is correct.

The transaction fee occurs so you have to set gas price. We recommend Gas limit to 250,000 and gas price to 10~11. Unused as gas will be refunded. We will let you know how to check used gas amount below. The gas will be used from your ETH wallet. So you have to have 0.01 ETH more than the amount you want to transfer to the MVL ICO.

5. Next, you will see this page. If you set a transaction fee that is not too low, transfer will occur within one minute. Now click “View account on Etherscan”.

6. You will then go to where you can see your wallet address, MVL ICO Contract Address and used gas amount. Here you will see your transaction.

7. Please visit MVL Official Homepage and check if the deposit status has been changed.