How to make ETH Wallet on MetaMask

Hi. MVL Team here.

We recommend you to make an ERC20 wallet on MetaMask to participate in our ICO. Please note that MetaMask is not compulsory. Any ERC20 Wallet will do.

MetaMask is a Google Chrome Extension in which you can safely and conveniently create and manage your Ethereum wallet. You can use MetaMask to send / receive Ethereums, and you can also check your MVL Tokens that you are going to receive from us in the future.

1. Access to MetaMask Webpage( with Google Chrome browser, and click on ‘GET CHROME EXTENSION’.

2. Click on to ‘Add to Chrome’.

When MetaMask is properly installed, you can see a cute-fox-shaped icon next to the web address bar, which stands for MetaMask.

3. Click on the MetaMask icon and click on ‘Accept’ (you can only click on ‘Accept’ after scrolling down all the way to the bottom).

<Click ‘Accept’>

<Scroll down to click ‘Accept’.>

4. Then, you will come to a page like this. Please set a password that you will not forget, since it will be your MetaMask password. Click on ‘CREATE’ afterwards.

5. Twelve words will be randomly created. This array of words will be asked in such cases when you have to restore your MetaMask account, so please copy them somewhere safe. Then click on ‘I’VE COPIED IT SOMEWHERE SAFE’.

6. Now your MetaMask account is made. (Yay!)

Click on the human icon located on the upper-right side, and click on ‘Create Account’.

7. You have completed creating a wallet. In order to find out the address, click the three dotted icon on the right top and click “Copy Address to Clipboard.” Your wallet address has been copied.

8. You have to know the Private Key now. Click the three dotted icon and select ‘Export Private Key’ and insert the password you used when you made the MetaMask account.

9. Here you will see the private key. (It is hidden in this screen for safety reasons.) In MetaMask, you can see the private key every time you access it.