Meet our New MVL Advisors!


Please welcome our new MVL advisors who are going to the moon with us.
Also, thank you, DongKyu, DongHyun, Allen, HyungMin, Vidit, TaiSun, Kimble, Casey and Gene for fueling our rocketship.

Here is a brief profile of our advisors.

DongKyu Kim

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seoul National University
Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering and Planning, Seoul National University

Advising MVL on smart traffic related policies and smart city plans which is incredibly important in the expansion of the ecosystem.

DongHyun Han

Managing Director of ST Invictus Partners
MBA, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Advising MVL on the financial aspects and organization management as a previous senior vice president of KT, partner of SAIF Partners and vice president of Softbank Korea.

Allen WooKyun Kho

Co-Founder of MEDIBLOC
M.S. in Computer Science, Columbia Univ.

Advising MVL on economic structures and the incentive schemes due to it being technologically and structurally similar to MEDIBLOC. Allen also used to be a lead software engineer in Samsung Electronics.

HyungMin Cho

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Engineering Hongik University
Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Advising the MVL’s development team on machine learning for data architecture and its uses as a person who achieved a doctorate in computer architecture and system design and worked in Intel Corporation as a research scientist.

Vidit Agrawal

COO of Carro Singapore
Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

Advising MVL on ride hailing services in Singapore as well as used-car businesses. Vidit was one of the first person work in strategic partnerships in the Uber APAC office.

Hwang Tai Sun

General Representative Korea of Mobike
Director of Green Car, Lotte Rental

Advising MVL on the the field of shared bicycle mobility. Moreover, before he used to work at Green Car and KT, allowing him to share his deep understanding and experience of the mobility industry in greater depth.

Kimble Ngo

Blockchain Advisor of AMBlockchain
Performance Coach of Communication Trainer, Amplify Influence
Partnership Director, Kyanon Digital

Advising MVL on the various possibilities of the mobility sector and helping us connect to the smart city project in Vietnam.

Casey Lau

Head of Asia of RISE Web Summit
Co-founder of StartupsHK
Venture partner of Blue Startups

Advising MVL in making business connections in both Hong Kong and China as the co-founder of a successful business called StartupsHK that has been up and running for 10 years.

Gene Soo

Co-Founder of StartupsHK
MBA, Columbia University

Advising MVL on connectivity and operation in the mobility industry as well as helping us make business connections in Hong Kong and China.

Eugene Tay

Founder of the Blockchain Advisory Collective,

Advising MVL as a prominent influencer within the asian blockchain community who has actively engaged in developing strategic media content for various projects. Eugene was also credited as the brains behind various community projects that have significantly impacted Singapore’s education system during 2003 to 2016.

Check out their detailed bios through their individual Linkedin profiles.

Talk soon.


MVL team