How to Apply for KYC (Know-Your-Customer)


Now you have to register your KYC. Everyone is required to complete KYC to participate in our ICO.

KYC is required because we want to stop those involved in money laundering, funding terrorism and other crimes from joining this ICO. We need to check your identity.

After you register KYC, we are going to check in MAX 3 days. Please login afterwards and check on ‘My Page’ to see your verification status.

Find out how you can register for KYC below.

1. Go to My Page and click on KYC. Insert your information below.

2. Upload copy of your passport, identity card or driver’s license. Be sure to cover important numbers manually(paper recommended) except your birthday. Do not use Photoshop or Pain or other digital programs to cover this information.

  • Below are the cases where your KYC will be rejected.
  1. Blurry photos
  2. If you don’t cover critical info as mentioned above
  3. When your info and the info written on the docs don’t match
  4. If you are associated with Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

3. Upload a photo that shows your face and your identity card, passport of driver licenses well.

4. You have registered your KYC now. See the results in three days on My Page.


About MVL

MVL, pronounced as “em buh l,” stands for Mass Vehicle Ledger. It is an ecosystem that connects all services, like the car dealer shops, mechanic shops, car rental companies and more, that touch your car to collect its lifetime data.

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